free people

My second job out of college was working at an agency that handled Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie so I have always been a huge fan of everything coming out of those Philadelphia offices… I love Free People.  It has this very cool bohemian vibe and I love that especially during the summer. I think that girl who considers herself a bit of a jetsetter …. or loves to travel ( I am not a jetsetter but definitely love to travel ) loves the brand because every time you are on their site it evokes a bit of that very sensational feeling you get when you travel. Also every piece is curated so well!

There are so many pieces that were just released on their site and so many amazing pieces on sale I am loving this piece here – https://www.freepeople.com/shop/the-luciana-kaftan/ and it is only $128.00 and I am in love with this romper https://www.freepeople.com/shop/new-romantics-himalia-romper/ I need it in my wardrobe ! It is only $99.95. You can see my skirt below I love – I will have this forever https://www.freepeople.com/shop/fp-one-pintuck-tassel-maxi/ it comes in that ivory and khaki and is $99.95.

I am loving the Free People Blog there are so many amazing ideas on there like this morning a whole recipe for matcha / blueberry pudding – http://blog.freepeople.com/.

Love that you can take a look inside their catalog shoots too http://blog.freepeople.com/2016/08/scenes-august-catalog/

Also I just found about the Free People Escapes that sound amazing check this out – I think I need this for my birthday gift coming up – http://yogascapes.com/yogaretreats/yoga-retreat-in-the-berkshires/.

Anyway anytime I go to the Free People website and by something it is so special and I feel like I was transported somewhere amazing for a little bit and I always get tons of compliments.

I was so lucky to be gifted these pieces recently and will be wearing them this summer.

Carli Choi captured some funny pics of us in between some photo shoots we had for some actresses we got in front of the camera – ha ha – she caught me with Valerie from CARAVAN STYLIST STUDIO — we call this climbing ladders / breaking the glass ceilings !


UO2free people 3

This one she captured too with me with a Free People skirt…. loving this one I felt like a princess ! It is sheer but has a panel inside so it is perfect to run around the city in – everyone loved this tassle skirt and it is still available online ! I wore it with my Morrocan bracelets that I found when I traveled there they actually found them buried in the desert they have a very long history so thought they were perfect to work back to this gem of a skirt. The top is also from Free People but I think is about 6 years old now – it is super cute too !

free people 4


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