wp-image-1170229556jpg.jpgwp-image-620896523jpg.jpgREMADE IN THE USA

47 Bergen Street, Brooklyn

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Eileen Fisher for a little bit and meet her and her incredible team and be part of the energy that is Eileen Fisher. It is such a forward thinking company filled with brilliant ideas.  She has been talking about sustainability and zero waste for so long. She uses incredible dye techniques and natural dyes. Her pieces last such a long time – I have several pieces that are some of my favorite pieces of clothing.  When I worked with Eileen Fisher I was also able to work with the extraordinary Kate Young for a look book shoot and press preview. It was so great to see how everything came together. In that collection she had one of my favorite pieces – the Harem pant.

As soon as I heard about this pop up store I had to go visit. Everyone has one more weekend to check it out.

wp-image-1476871457jpg.jpgwp-image-649216560jpg.jpgThis store is all about forward thinking from the structure, to the incredibly beautiful contents inside – natural dyes, items that have been beautifully resewn and more.  I just read an article about how the traditional uniform is going away and how we are choosing to be individualistic – these pieces are just that – they are special to last a long time and to be some of your favorite pieces. The prices were incredible as well.

This whole program is genius. Eileen Fisher worked with CFDA, two years ago, to recruit three top design school grads steeped in sustainability. Their year-long assignment: prototype commercially viable ways to make new designs from the damaged clothes in our GREEN EILEEN recycling program. It’s a zero-waste project, rooted in our VISION2020 goals. These three designers Teslin, Lucy and Carmen did an awesome job taking classic styles and putting their own twist on them.

This weekend I am sure they will have some fun activities just check out this site for more info and buy something special – http://www.eileenfisher.com/remade/.

Right next door I believe maybe part of the same building there are some additional pop ups – one that seems to be coming back in August as a MAKERS MART and the other is a temporary Diptyque store – it smells so good. Visit that too if you go and right down the block about a 4 minute walk is BLOSSOM ice cream you certainly want to check that out too.


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