TheraBand CLX an easy at home workout session with tons of great exercises

I am always trying new ways to work out from surfing to trampolean to something I can easily do in my home which is AWESOME for those lazy or busy days you can’t get to the gym…

The TheraBand CLX is like bringing one of those swanky fitness studios straight to you. One-of-a-kind Easy Grip Loops provide multiple unique grab options and exercises, with the ability to simultaneously work the upper and lower body. You can also easily change the resistance level of the band by simply adding or subtracting loops. Plus, the free integrated CLX App (compatible with iOS and Androids) provides an exclusive exercise library to use at home, in your local gym, or on-the-go.  I am loving this as part of my summer workout. Check out more on their website -

  • As with any exercise program, muscle soreness may be experienced over the first few days.
  • If your pain should persist for more than four days, consult your physician. Do not exercise while experiencing pain.
  • For beginners, perform exercises without the product until you are comfortable, and then begin exercises with this product.
  • With standing exercises BODY ALIGNMENT IS CRITICAL. Square your balance at all times. Be sure to practice the safest posture possible by maintaining the natural spinal curve.
  • Avoid hyper-extending or over-flexing the joints when exercising. Don’t lock the joints.
  • Breathe evenly while performing these exercises. Exhale during the more difficult phase of the repetition and do not hold your breath at any time.
  • Perform all exercises in a slow, controlled manner. At no time should you feel “out of control”. Take control of the product rather than letting it control you. Do not allow the band to snap back.
  • Exercise with the color/resistance level of product that was prescribed to you by your clinician. If you feel this color/resistance is too light or easy, consult your practitioner prior to increasing to the next color/resistance.


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