Wednesday, July 6th is International Kissing Day !!
I am getting ready with my adorable Kisses 4 Us box and some new toothpaste and tricks for  even whiter teeth!
The way this little box works…   Randomly choose a kiss card and be surprised on what you might pick – a Hand Kiss, Trail Kiss or even a Woodpecker Kiss ???  A combination of fun, flirty and romantic kisses are all included in Kisses 4 Us. Check more out on It is very sweet.

Speaking of kisses… you want to have good teeth and fresh breathe :

I have always been healthy with brushing my teeth in morning and at night and sometimes after lunch but lately as I get older I really feel like I need to up my beauty regimen in regards to brushing my teeth.  I was recently gifted COLGATE® ENAMEL HEALTH™ MINERAL REPAIR™ TOOTHPASTE

The same way I go to the gym I learned I need to work at strengthening and repairing my enamel from every day wear and tear so this is a great way to do that.
Colgate® Enamel Health™ Mineral Repair™ Toothpaste helps strengthen enamel 4x better*. It replenishes natural calcium and other minerals back into weakened enamel.       I also love the MINT BURST flavor ! I would definitely incorporate it into your daily regimen.

• Helps absorb essential minerals, such as natural calcium, for stronger, healthy enamel
• Provides protection against sensitivity and cavities with continued use, in addition to providing whitening and fresh breath benefits

I also just learned about BOKA which is a subscription kit. I think like shampoo and conditioner it is fun to mix up your toothpaste. So I plan to use my toothpaste I mentioned above at night and in the morning to start with BOKA. They make it so easy with an easy subscription kit that comes with a toothbrush and floss it is a great reminder that you should replace your toothbrush every couple of months and I like it a ton because I get lazy with flossing -but their kit is so neat and pretty it makes me want to floss.  I also dig their new coco rinse which is a coconut oil pulling oil that comes in a little packet so it is amazing for travel. I recently wrote about Skinny & Co’s pulling oil which I love but this is a great addition for when you are travelling especially during summer weekends.


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