Brooklyn always has things happening and was so excited to experience Fly By Night this past weekend and also have the opportunity to check out ROOFTOP REDS.

It was incredible to watch these pigeons in the sky first they looked like birds just flying in a synchronized pattern and then as the sky got darker you could see the sky light up with little flakes of light in different patterns. It was quite magical. About 2,000 homing pigeons were part of the project by Brooklyn-based artist Duke Riley. We went to ROOFTOP REDS to watch it and we saw it a great deal but when we were leaving we could really see it from the ground – it was like little mini ufos in a way … if you didn’t know what was happening you would really wonder – I saw people stop on their bikes to figure out what was going on in the sky.  We left I would say when it was almost complete so we could catch a late dinner at our favorite place VINEGAR HILL HOUSE and on the way it was so interesting to see people stop with wonderment.  What was in the sky ?  It was extremely well done as all Creative Time events.

Rooftop Reds – we will be back ! Such a cool concept. A rooftop vineyard with a little bar on the roof of one of the buildings inside the Brooklyn navy yard.

Picnic tables check, Hammocks check, Picnic bags filled with cheese and fig jam check, Rose check, Red wine check, White wine check…. they play the music on a record player that you can hear throughout – some Strokes were playing upon arrival – instant brownie points… staff is so nice – great place to watch the sunset – perfect for a date night – perfect for a birthday part – I hear they have movie nights coming up soon.  If you live in Brooklyn or near Brooklyn it is a must see and super cool to be in the middle of the navy yard.



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