KWIKSET is made for the world you live in ! 

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Just moving into a new home in Brooklyn one of the first things we did was decide to change our locks – the day we moved in only because there have been so many people through this house being a new renovation from the contractors, roofers, electricians – everyone with a copy of our key.

So before getting into all of the cosmetics of the house – the thing you need to invest in is new locks – and that is when I did my research and realized that KWIKSET are the locks I need.  There are so many different options on their website and so much incredible information.  They really simplify all of the mechanics of the lock which is important to understand. When you purchase a home one of the first things you should think about is what type of security is happening at the front door.

We just did a security survey with the local police station and their first question was

DID YOU CHANGE YOUR LOCKS?  It is one of the main ways people are robbed because they never changed their locks.They were happy to hear that we changed them the day we moved in and gave us tons of other insightful tips that we need to get organized on but we were so happy to know we are safe with our KWIKSET.

KWIKSET talks a bit about these surveys and the types of things to think about on their website:

How safe is your home? Hopefully, you answered “very safe.” But how do you know? For new homeowners, and even those who have been in their home awhile, you should consider obtaining a third-party risk assessment (from a home security expert or locksmith).

Some of the questions that should be asked include:

  • What do I have that is worth stealing? Is it visible? Do I keep my car keys near the inside of an exterior door in my home where they could be seen and potentially taken by a criminal?
  • How is my home currently being secured? Why is that adequate, or why do I want to upgrade?
  • What is my outdoor security lighting system?
  • Where do I keep my valuables?

I love the KWIKSET website because it gives you a clear idea of what the product is – what finish it is and how to use it.

There is also an inspiring video on there just to show you again how your locks and security come first – although key as an interior design moment as well – the lock finishes the look of the door so you do want to think about it.

check out this video :

Also this whole part of the website was so interesting to me as well it is all about re-keying your KWIKSET lock  for us this is important since we will have someone like our dog walker who might change over time – so this is something to consider.

There also electronic locks — With a Kwikset electronic door lock you can use your own personal code to enter your home with just a few simple pushes of a button and lock it with just one. You also get more control over who has access to your home. Just assign a temporary code to who ever needs one and delete it when you see fit. Now you can totally eliminate the need for keys. A SmartCode keyless entry lock is easy to install, program and use and operates on 4 AA batteries. The SmartCode keyless entry lock complements any Kwikset knob, lever or handleset.

kwikset 5

There is also Kevo, your Smartphone is now your key. No more fumbling for your keys. Keep your phone in your pocket or purse and just touch the lock to open. No Smartphone? No Problem. Enjoy the same touch to open convenience with the Fob.

kwiksetThere is a lot to learn about for deadbolts and handles – definitely check out for more information.







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