Every year for the past three years I have hosted a Mother’s Day event for mommy bloggers and editors to come and get their glam on and then their portraits taken with themselves or with their children. My mom helps so much every day with Caravan and she has come to some night time parties but has not really seen the studio during the day – so I invited her to join us for some glam services, some massage therapy from our favorite spa OASIS DAY SPA and a photo shoot by celebrity photographer Brandi Nicole.  This is something we will remember forever.  We also checked out the movie Mother’s Day yesterday some great laughs some tears – so it was a great little weekend.  Who doesn’t like a film with Julia Roberts ?  Well check out some of the outtakes …

mom and me photo 4mom and me photomom and memom and me 6mom and me 5mom and me 3mom and me 7mom and me 9mom and me 10mom and me 11mom and me 14mom and me 16mom and memom 3mom 4mom 6mom 7mom 10mom 11mom 13mom and me photo 2

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