I was so happy to celebrate a huge birthday with Wave Petunia at CHELSEA GARDEN CENTER HOME in Williamsburg.  First it is so funny because I did PR for  CGCH ages ago when I worked at FONTE PR – I had a garden for a bit when I lived on the Upper East Side _ I actually had two one in my backyard and one in the front of my store that my friend Samuelle constantly decorated

…. now I just moved to BUSHWICK and this was my first event for gardening – I hope to go to more but this was very special.

A photo of when you enter the magic at WILLIAMSBURG Chelsea Garden Center Home :
wave 3
Everyone was so kind to teach us how to properly plant our Petunia flowers and how easy it is – the exciting part is to wait and watch it grow – if you go on their gallery they grow a bit like a vine so you can get some extensive flower growth.The other nice part is they are low maintenance where you just have to water them and they don’t need any clippings in order to see new growth. The sad part is they are annuals so you will have to replant year after year but they flower so much that you will get to enjoy your plants for a great amount of time. I chose white and purple and the purple is such a deep incredible purple. They also had pink varieties available as well.

We were able to fill the pot with 3/4 dirt and then we just took our plants – I chose three – 2 petunias and then one just green plant to put in the middle – but you take them and push the plastic pot a bit to get them to come out of the pot easy then you want to give them a little press,soften up the roots and put them in the pot and then just arrange them so that the top of the plant is at the top of the pot.  Then once they are in there you fill in the areas that still need dirt. You want to make sure there are no air pockets. And then viola !

wave 8wave 6wave 5I was able to meet Kelly Edwards from DESIGN ON A DIME as well which was lovely ! wave 4

wave 2I am super excited to see my WAVE petunia grow I keep checking on it and watering it every day.  I love it.

Also I was so happy to meet them because they gifted all our mommy bloggers with Petunias during our Mother’s Day event which was so lovely.

They had their little mobile truck in town – which you know my background with mobile vans — I love the experiential side – Caravan originally started as a store in a RV – so anything out of a truck is AWESOME !


wave 10wave

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