At the studio right now we have the most amazing artist BOTTLED BROOKLYN that we are loving their self esteem quotes on mirrors – they are such a fun gift !

It all started back in the 80’s, when  Rameses was cutting up his mother’s paper plates, cups, and anything else he could find to make the things he saw in his imagination. At the same time, his big sister Angelica was parading around in blazers with dreams of one day joining the workforce. Fast forward 20 years, and the now designer and businesswoman teamed up to start bottledBrooklyn.
The Style Rx is discreet and attractive enough to leave out on a desk at the office, kitchen counter or lunch with friends for a visual reminder, and small enough to toss in purse, gym bag or carry-on for secure on-the-go storage. Available in two original patterns with a magnetic closure to keep everything organized.

  • Not your grandma’s pill box! – No need to sacrifice style for function
  • Small enough to slip into a purse yet Big enough to hold 6 fish oil or 20 ibuprofen per day / slot
  • Magnetic closure keeps medication secure inside – not all over the bottom of your bag!
  • Pill box insert (included) is washable and interchangeable for extended weekly use (AM/PM; week 1 / week 2)
  • Versatile – organized way to travel with small jewelry, ear buds, phone charger, etc.

The Style Rx is available at and select shops in several states and Bermuda.


Beauty regime—Activated Charcoal leads the way. 

I recently tried this toothpaste and although it was a bit of getting used to with grey toothpaste in a way – it did make my teeth whiter.  I like the consistency of the toothpaste and do think it has something great to offer.  I will be doing a bit more research on it but I think it makes sense why it could work great to whiten teeth.

Black Is White activated charcoal whitening toothpaste removes discoloration using activated charcoal without abrading or bleaching – all while boosting oral health.

Facts about the product:

• Strengthens oral health – enzymes protect against tooth decay and support the salivary functions.
• Completely Natural
• Can be used as a regular toothpaste without any limitations.


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