My dad has always like to draw and color and now he took up painting.  He takes art class every week at the local center where they are so kind and work with him on different paintings. He made this one for me based on an advertisement he found in the newspaper. I love it because it feels very Caravan Girl – a girl on some type of journey being a bit bohemian. If you look at our logo she is a girl in a desert searching too – so this is very special to me. It is something I will have forever – I really love it.  My dad took up coloring books about a year ago now I think they are really great for the brain. We love and so many others.  We also found some baseball coloring books as well that he has done a great job with and horses – which my dad loves horses.  I think if you have a parent that has retired getting them into a hobby such as painting, coloring, gardening, etc is really important.  I am so glad my dad has this class he can go to once a week.


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