I recently went on a field trip with the studio to show off my favorite market, Brooklyn Fare and while there we used some of the newest books we received to get inspired. I recently took a flower making class at ABC CARPET & HOME more on caravangirl and loved receiving this book – it is a great book where I picked up some helpful tips and now can pass to other friends that love floral design.

THE FLOWER CHEF: A Modern Guide to Do-It-Yourself Floral Arrangements  by Carly Cylinder, the founder of the LA/NY floral business, Flour LA. The DIY category continues to expand, and flowers are still a relatively untapped offshoot. Carly stands firmly at the forefront of this growing trend. THE FLOWER CHEF caters to all readers—from beginners who have never worked with flowers before and are looking for a new creative outlet; to decorators, party planners, and photographers looking to liven up their spaces; to professionals who want to update their techniques. The Rachael Ray of flowers, Carly launched her business from her apartment in Los Angeles, using materials that were readily available in the shops around her. It’s her belief that flower design should be accessible to everyone. In her book, she teaches readers everything they need to know about flower arranging, including tips on how to buy and care for flowers, how to cut and prepare them, and how to use floral foam, vases, and various other decorative elements, using materials found in supermarkets and bodegas, to make beautiful, professional-looking arrangements. Each design in the book is presented as a “recipe,” in which—as in a cookbook—the “home cook” is provided the list of ingredients, instructions, amount of time it will take, the level of difficulty, the cost, and the seasonality of ingredients used. DIY-ers looking for chic, self-made decorations will love THE FLOWER CHEF, as will intrepid brides relying on DIY to save money on traditionally expensive flowers. Whether for one’s own enjoyment, a special occasion, or to decorate a space, creating bouquets has never been this fun and doable.



True beauty comes from within. This book The complete guide Natural Homemade Beauty Products and Treatments was a great source to learn about ways to pamper yourself naturally – chemical free ingredients.  Amelia Ruiz is a cosmetologist, an esthetician, and the technical director of Fahle Ecolines, a distributor of natural and organic cosmetics.  I went to Brooklyn Fare to pick up some amazing fruits and vegetables to utilize for some for some of these great beauty treatments.


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