#Targetstyle : Target’s Threshold and Nate Berkus Spring / Summer 2016 collections

I recently was able to visit the preview for the new Spring / Summer home collections and I wanted everything.  Now that I am looking at decor ideas because we just bought a house and we are moving to Bushwick – I realize how sensible it is to shop at TARGET.  I just went to one of my favorite stores that I love the decor and ambiance at but I can not afford anything – the cost of one piece would be my entire budget. I feel at TARGET I can afford a whole group of pieces and my house will still feel like an instagram worthy photo in the end ( I hope ).  I did get a ton of ideas from my favorite home stylist – Emily Henderson – she is a home stylist genius the way she sets up rooms – I love her aesthetic because it is modern but cheery – there is some zen but then pops of color and a bit of humor.  That is how I want to live – I want to feel my house in my zen den but I don’t want it to feel stark I want it to feel comfortable and make my guests smile. I loved Nate Berkus style for a very long time as well so it was so great to see a new throw, beautiful comforters, and I loved all the desk accessories. There was also some accent stools that I definitely need.

You can find a few pieces I saw during preview already on TARGET.com but majority are being rolled out this month so continue to check out the website.

The collection is full of fun and versatile products that will help guests decorate and entertain all season long. You will see bamboo and  macramé detail and  bold stripes mixed with splashy color.  There is  an emphasis on design and materials—evident in the artisan ceramics and highly versatile material mix of wood and metal.

Some photos I captured :

targettarget 2target 3

Photos I borrowed from the professionals : Event SpaceNate Berkus 2 - CopyNate Berkus 4 - CopyTarget BullseyeThreshold 1Threshold 3Threshold 4Threshold 5Threshold 9

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