I was recently invited to celebrate TARGET’s pillow fort event I am a bit in love with coloring & teepees & DIY & Crafts so I thought there might be some of this happening there… there was coloring and lots of decorating ideas – tons of crafts – yummy foods – sprinkles- really cute decor everywhere – and just everything made you want to smile ! There are items that I think could work very cute even in an adult office or den – for instance this lamp – I love – I don’t have any kids yet but there is something very cool for a nautical inspired decor room or my husband’s office. There are tons of motifs from under the sea, astronaut, dinosaurs, florals etc – check it out if you google TARGET PILLOWFORT you can get right to the home page ! I thank Target for this awesome night out – it was enjoyable and any time I get to color and have cake pops with sprinkles I am game.

Check out the collection on the website there are so many great gift ideas and room decor ideas – sneek peak below but visit the website they have really cute room layouts.

It is of course well priced and super creative !

target event

This was my squad for the night – one of my besties Lisa and her three kids… I was the only brunette in the group ! target event with lisa



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