Once this jewelry designer I sold at my store that made these really beautiful charm bracelets found a charm that said “CLAUDINE” and gave it to me – it is of Mary on one side and my name in script on the other.  It is very special to me because growing up my name wasn’t common I couldn’t get the Mickey Mouse back scratcher with my name on it at Disney World… it was also a bit haunting – who is this Claudine and how did I get her charm?  When I heard the story of Henry London it instantly reminded me of that charm but this is a sweet story of a couple both finding a watch at my favorite street market in the world – Notting Hill.

The Henry London story began with two young, successful fashion designers exploring London’s many vintage districts searching for inspiration.
On one such visit to the famous Portobello Road street market in London’s Notting Hill, one of them came across an old, beautifully styled, classic Swiss wristwatch which had the words ‘Henry, August 1965’ enigmatically engraved on the case back. Although suffering the ravages of time, the watch still typified the craftsmanship and quality of a bygone age. She just had to wear it. Meeting up with her partner later that day, he loved the watch every bit as much as she did. Again, he was inspired by the attention to detail only found in high-end, luxury watches. He just had to wear it. With both of them wanting to wear this priceless possession, the couple started to think about the possibilities of reinventing Henry’s watch for today’s generation…

The watches are so beautiful – between the color palette, materials, metal choices – I was instantly in love – The watches range from 25mm – 41mm. The collections are named after the different tube stations in London. These watches are sharp but extremely affordable. You can find them at : http://www.henry-london.com/shop/by-specification?color=20/ and heard they are being sold at ANTHROPOLOGIE.  I think that is a smart move because there is something so unique about the watches and everything at Anthropologie is so special and unique. henry 2henry 3I love all the branding from the set up at the Crosby Hotel to the the brand book. Here is some imagery.

henry 4_Page_08henry 4_Page_14henry 4_Page_19henry 4_Page_37

They gifted me one of these incredible watches that they engraved especially for me – I picked the HIGHGATE which is modeled after the original one that the couple found.  I love this watch so much. I joked with the engraver that I received a Rolex from someone I no longer speak too on my 30th birthday and I recently sold it and I did because I don’t need to be reminded of the past when the present and future are so good + I hated every time I took it off I had to wind it again. I don’t have time for that. I have been living with my phone as my watch or my stove or computer so now this is such a beautiful gift.  When asked how I wanted it engraved I chose CLAUDINE.  Yes a gift from Henry Watches but also a special gift to myself.  henry 1


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