TAPFIT – Tap Dancing Fitness System

One of my first activities in life was dancing ballet and tap.  Recently I have been trying to get back into it… I have been taking many barre and ballet classes  – there are amazing ones on classpass and also some great hip hop classes but for some reason I didn’t venture into the tap classes… maybe because I don’t have the shoes. Anyway, flashbacks from the past… I do remember many recitals and my poor family being asked by my mom to come out and support – I love my Aunts & Uncles and Godmothers for being driven crazy to come out for recital after recital. I can’t recall a ton of memories of when I was little but I have a perfect snapshot of myself little dancing in a Brooklyn studio – I remember what the floor felt like and the room and the barre and there were windows.  I remember trying hard to keep up with the teacher. I also do remember the feeling I had the first time I put on those cute tap shoes and learning how to strike my foot against the hard wood floor and that sound it made.

I definitely remember my dance experience later in life as I was part of a dance company and learned a lot more complicated dance moves.  I also did a solo tap dance for a pageant once – in retrospect I don’t think I did great in the pageant  portion  ha ha but I remember kicking butt when it came to the talent side of things and feel like I nailed that tap dance. So when I heard that TAPFIT was going to be visiting from Australia to show off the launch of their new tapfit kit – I was interested. It is a great way to exercise at home with dvds where you get this really cool engineered patented tap attachment that you can put on your sneakers and there you go – tap dancing at home – driving your husband and your dogs crazy. It is quite brilliant the kit even comes with this tapfit floor ( that is similiar to a yoga mat in as far as you can roll it up ) and you put your tap attachments on and you feel like Fred Astaire.  So these Australian triplets – Fiona, Annie and Rachel and then Katherine – are adorably nice and they are professional tap dancers so it was a bit intimidating to have to learn some tap moves and see how it all works. I am glad I got some evidence because I don’t think I did that bad my toe placement isn’t that off  and I look like my toe is lifting in some photos as the others are lifting. I did think it was a great workout and it put a smile on my face.  The music was really upbeat and similiar to boxing where you are punching the punching bag this is a bit of a stress reliever where you are tapping your feet and you hear the vibrations and sounds and you can let that stress out. I recommend it for those that are disciplined and good at home videos / websites that can do this at home. For me I am more of a classpass girl where I love the experience of being in a class with others.  The Tapfit team did mention they might have classes one day – and I do hope so because I know I would love that. But for all my moms that need to remember to take time for themselves … and maybe can get a 1/2 hour or hour this could be great or for all my friends that don’t get to go to the gym because of long hours at the office … this is fun to wake up to or to do at night possibly !

me little fixed

me little fixed 2Triplets Annie, Fiona, Rachel and our sister Katherine have danced for over 20 years and we have represented Australia at the World Tap Dancing Championships. We are passionate about sharing the benefits of tap dancing and excited to welcome you on your TAPfit journey!

TAPfit is a total body workout in only 20-30 minutes! TAPfit engages your core, activates your quadriceps and all 3 muscle groups in your buttocks. These muscles burn more calories than any other muscle group in your entire body! Plus our TAPtoner resistance band means you will tone and sculpt your arms.

There are 6 workout styles with over 4 hours of fun workouts, body sculpting moves & dances.


The TAPfit Deluxe Pack includes:

Check it out at : https://tapfit.com/ 










imageI want to thank the Tapfit team for letting me re-live my tap dancing years a bit and for some fun.  I didn’t as you can see have the proper work out gear on because I ran from a meeting there to meet them but next time I hope to wear the right gear and tap an afternoon away !

Ok I know the hair is terrible ha ha and it is a bit of a joke not sure what I am doing in this photo with that weird pout – so ha ha there are many things wrong with this photo BUT  I do remember doing that kick butt tap performance and I am still proud of it – I think I was in front of like 500+ people performing maybe even closer to 1,000 it was awesome – and sometimes we have to look back at pictures and not take ourselves so seriously and just remember how the moment felt … I remember this was after the performance and I was like yeah – I rocked that !

me tap


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  1. Hi there I am trying to buy your tat that system I live in New Zealand and I’m not sure how to do this can you please email me as to how I can buy the system my email is a.Higgins4794@gmail.com if you could please help me with this I really appreciate it thank you so much

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