One of the things I learned is to make sure you stay hydrated during NYFW – you are running around and working long hours and it is important to make sure you take good care of yourself. Some of my tips follow :

First I love VOLVIC water – water water water !

Volvic at upfronts

From there I love myself some ROSE belvoir – it makes me go into thinking that I am in the South of France or somewhere fab for a little bit especially when it is so rainy and snowy out during February fashion week – I love Belvoir – it makes every outfit look even better when you are holding one


I love KEVITA DRINKS – it is a great way to get Probiotics – I love the Sparkling Probiotic – the most famous in demand was the lemon cayenne but I also love the coconut and the mojito lime mint coconut ( three of my favorite things ) – it is so good !

Start with the purest reverse osmosis filtered water.

Add only certified organic, vegan, non-GMO,
non-dairy, kosher and gluten-free ingredients.

Let nature provide the flavor with pristine
plant extracts from around the world.

KeVita Probiotic Culture is naturally fermented with
the very best ingredients. Made by hand. Every day.



Then I drank some INVO Coconut water  aside from the naturally occurring bioactive enzymes, electrolytes, and B-complex vitamins that all coconut water have, INVO is  gluten free, and vegan coconut water that comes in 3 different flavors–all containing 5 essential nutrients to revitalize and hydrate in order to keep you going throughout the day. It is bottled and HPP’d at source in Thailand, home to best tasting and aromatic coconuts. I love the sencha green tea one especially it was a great way to keep going and have some hydration !


The rest of the time I would make my GREEN BLENDER shakes & smoothies for breakfast and then a couple of times I would make tuna fish sandwiches with  GoAvo –   contains less calories, fat and sodium than competing mayonnaise and vegan mayonnaise products.  Spread on sandwiches, wraps and burgers, mix into tuna or chicken salad, or use as a healthy way to add creaminess and flavor to any soup, dressing or sauce – GoAvo will be your new favorite condiment!

Also I am a huge fan of OATS these days  – we put walnuts, cashews and berries in the mix – I got hooked after visiting OATMEALS. But just tried  Happy Rolled Oats, Happy Quick Oats, and Happy Steelcut Oats. The steelcut oats are sliced into two to three pieces and take about 30 minutes to cook. The rolled oats (aka “old-fashioned oats”) have been steamed and flattened and take about 15 minutes to cook. The quick oats have been cut into several pieces before being steamed and flattened into thinner flakes and take about five minutes to cook. Each whole grain, nutritional powerhouse is free of preservatives and naturally provides a good source of protein. They are also an excellent source of heart-healthy fiber and are low in saturated fat and free of cholesterol.

I heard the new craze is BEET JUICE – beets are so good for you… and I tried the pure apple juice from this company and it is great – when you are on the run the best thing you can do is get something natural in your body – fruits and veggies and if not juice ! Juice is great for you… keeps you hydrated and gets those vitamins you need -this brand is called purjus – loved trying it !

pur jus


Oats fill you up and great for post work out or after a long marathon day where you feel like you ran from show to show and carried a million garment bags – it is a great post workout meal.

happy oats 2

I loved coming home to dinners with my husband and enjoying my BLUE APRON meals – I was getting home late so he cooked a lot of them this week but so great


Ok and I do love my ice cream but do love my fruit & chocolat Nature Addicts – so good they are addicting !

nature addicts


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