DIAMONDS UNLEASHED is a brand with a social purpose launched by jewelry designer Kara Ross to promote and support women’s empowerment. The mission is to engineer a great rethink about how diamonds are bought, given and perceived and then to use that shift as a platform to address issues that enable women to achieve their potential. DIAMONDS UNLEASHED encapsulates three DIAMONDS UNLEASHED BY KARA ROSS collections (for HSN, Neiman Marcus and an engagement ring line sold at Kara’s Madison Avenue store). The symbol is the shape of two diamonds, one elevating outside the other;those two shapes together form a heart. The heart symbolizes the unifying philanthropic power of women helping women, to cultivate and create the next generation of strong female leaders. All net profits fromt eh collection will be donated to organizations that support women’s empowerment.  The #SHEBRILLIANT collection exclusive to Neiman Marcus highlights unique statement pieces featuring ethically mined Canadian Diamonds and mixed metals of 18k yellow and white gold with hints of rose gold that can be worn solo or layered for a stacked look. 


#SHESBRILLIANT captures the trends of today with classic elements seen in fine jewelry that are timeless, creating a multi – generational collection that is simply beautiful for all occassions. 

I had the opportunity to attend the event celebrating this amazing program.  First, I met Kara Ross who is so wonderful she has this bright aura – I loved hearing how she decided to put this all together and her inspiration behind the jewelry and the symbol she designed to go along with the program.  I told her about a film that I recently watched on Netflix called “GIRL RISING” and we spoke about how important it is to give women a chance at education. She is extremely passionate about raising awareness and I love when someone  uses their voice to help others.  I was very happy to enjoy the beautiful table settings, yummy food and great company – I sat with some lovely writers and saw some others that I know as well and had a really nice manicure but hearing about the program and meeting Kara was definitely the best part. 


It was nice though to see the beautiful attention to detail with the table settings – they were so vibrant just like this thoughtful program.  They were by I think this is an amazing gift to put you your gift list from a loved one or to treat yourself. These are great gifts to even purchase for yourself and to remind us how wonderful it is to be a woman.  Read more here : – it seems like there will be events and lots of updates on the site so check it out. Also an article in New York Times about the program:


Photos below by Stephen Wilson:


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