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Scott and I never tried Travelzoo before. To be honest I always thought it was a site where you got “cheap” deals in those all inclusive type places… but when a trip to the AZORES popped up Scott & I decided to book it.  It was $500 each which included – AIRFARE, HOTEL, AIRPORT TRANSFERS & BREAKFAST. Besides my finds at Century 21 this was one of the best deals of my life…. the hotel was fab, even the breakfast was tasty… for $1000 we were in the AZORES. Keep in mind it was  over season but the weather was perfect for hiking and exploring – not swimming but we saw the whole entire island and really loved it. We were there for almost a week – I am ADDICTED to TRAVELZOO now – it is genius and I am their biggest advocate. There are so many great deals on there. I loved Terceira and hope we can go back and explore other parts of the AZORES. It reminded us of a mix of Iceland and Peru – it was so lush and green and incredibly beautiful.  The food wasn’t that expensive and was tasty.  I can’t even imagine how incredible this places is in the summer I would love to go back and take ferries to different islands.  We are very thankful to TRAVELZOO for giving us the opportunity to have a little vacation and enjoy some stress free time.

Check out our map of Terceira : https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=z8j49Y3Hpe7Q.kFGzND7BxwMw

We stayed at : Hotel Do Caracol
We didn’t get to eat here but we heard it is yummy:  Ti Choa
We ate at : La Barca, Tasca das Tias which I loved the decor at and thought the food was yummy and the owner was delightful, Marcelinos Bar so yummy, Biera Mar which I thought was ok, Caneta which I thought was delicious, Quinta dos Acores which I enjoyed the ice cream at, Q.B. which had a ton of great choices they have a food court which is like a cafe and then a nice restaurant upstairs,
A Minha Casa which is low key and sweet for lunch or a light dinner,Cais D’Angra which I really enjoyed my salmon dish at – would recommend this place as well. We also tried the cakes at O FORNO and definitely worth trying – we brought some home for the parents.

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Thank goodness Scott had his GPS – we didn’t take any tours but we got to see everything almost – we loved these places: Pico Matias Simao,
Biscoitos (swimming hole),
Igreja Da Misericordia (cathedral), I loved hiking Monte Brasil – the trail maps aren’t the best so understand where you want to go before you set out it was a bit confusing but we loved this ! We saw a double rainbow !,Algar do Carvão – Monumento Natural Regional
an incredible cave ! ,Salga Bay (near the 16th century fort hotel) so neat,
Serra do Cume (platform view) very windy when we went photos above but incredible,  Rua da Sé (walking site),Nature Park of Terceira, Furnas do Enxofre, Miradouro da Serra do Cume, Caldeira de Guilherme Moniz (crater),Quatro Ribeiras (natural pools) we loved this part !!! wow !! Highly recommend,Ladeira de São Francisco (museum – museu de angra do heroismo), Museu do Vinho

azores 6azores 28azores 30azores 201azores 34azores 35azores 14azores 13azores 18azores 17azores 24azores 15azores 200azores 60

We made sure to check out all the little towns and areas: called municipalities
S. Sebastiao (municipality),Porto Judeu (municipality), Praia da Vitória (municipality)
Porto Martins (municipality), S Mateus Da Calheta (municipality)
Doze Ribeiras (municipality), Cinco Ribeiras (municipality)
Ribeirinha (municipality)

azores 16azores 31azores 63azores 28azores 32azores 65azores 211azores 201azores 39azores 38azores 42azores 41azores 37azores 36azores 204azores 43azores 203azores 209azores 208azores 46azores 45azores 206azores 205azores 56

azores 53azores 46azores 210azores 207azores 62azores 212azores 69azores 71azores 68azores 70azores 72azores 75azores 73azores 77azores 76azores 213azores 69azores 81azores 78azores 80azores 79azores 83azores 90azores 92azores 93There was some incredible art murals by :

Luis Brum


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