I LOVE DONALD ROBERTSON’s WORK – he is one of my art heroes – so fun ! Check out STORY while you can this week to see a little into the world of this amazing personality

A bit ago I visited my favorite store in the city STORY and met one of the coolest guys Donald Robertson who sketched me… so fun !

me and donald 2me and donald

Now the store is showcasing a mix of his work and items for sale with some of his famous artwork … you need to check it out now before they transition it to a new story – it is super fun and there are a ton of great places for SELFIES !

I want everything I wish Donald would paint a wall in my new house that I am yet to find but if I did I would love for him to paint a wall for me ! He is amazing ! Also the store THE STORY is awesomely genius! http://thisisstory.com/

t now this weekend before tdonald 1 donald 3 donald 2 donald 4 donald 5 donald 8 donald 12 donald 10  donald 15 donald 17 donald 16 donald 18

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