Scott & I recently celebrated our one year anniversary.  We were married in Martha’s Vineyard in August 2014 – right before fashion week.  We didn’t honeymoon until after fashion week, but when we did we had an epic trip to Croatia.  We needed to celebrate our anniversary but didn’t know what to do.

Flashbacks from the wedding  :

wedding31 wedding59

We are a bit busy with buying a house, fashion week preps, and more and couldn’t get to Martha’s Vineyard.  I was offered to visit Saybrook Point Inn and I have to say this was an incredible surprise.  When I want to get away and have a “Nautical Summertime Experience” I am always thinking Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, or Newport . I didn’t realize right in our backyard we have Old Saybrook.  It is complete with a sweet town, a great ice cream spot, several places serving delicious lobster rolls, a sailing / boat community and lots of preppy shorts & SPERRYs galore. I always love to hear the history of these places. When we were married we studied the history of Aquinnah and learned so much about the background of MV. During our one year anniversary the manager and owner of the Saybrook Point Inn gave us a quick 101 on the history of Old Saybrook.  It is one of the earliest settlements in America (1635). It is also the original home of Yale University. They even have an incredible theater – The Katherine Hepburn Theater.

saybrookme7 saybrookme8saybrookme11

We also received a tour of this very intimate but incredibly beautiful space.  There is a museum with some artwork, photography and video interview running all focused on Katherine Hepburn’s life as an actress and also a resident in the area.  The theater has seen the likes of one of my favorites – RUSTED ROOT and  Kat Edmonson who we worked with not too long ago and Ben Taylor ( who  I worked with at Sundance many years ago ) – they have performed at the theater. The green rooms have all these posters that are signed by the performers which is a special touch to this very warm theater.

The most incredible part of Old Saybrook is this gem called the Saybrook Point Inn.  It is located between the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound.  It overlooks this incredible view- that feels like it is there just for you. There is something very intimate about this view.  The Inn has been owned and operated by a family – The Tagliatela family.  It is always nice to know when a property is family owned.  Prior to that property being developed into the Saybrook Point Inn – it once was this other hotel that had an incredibly decadent past that involved Frank Sinatra and stories that could keep you interested for days.

The  Saybrook Point Inn had an incredibly spacious room that were so comfortable. The television was a great size, the bed was heavenly, we had a balcony view of the sunset and sunrise.

saybrook 6 saybrook 7  saybrook 10

We enjoyed both the salt water pool indoor and outdoor.  The pool area wasn’t too crowded and it was super clean.  The outdoor pool overlooks all the boats which is incredibly relaxing and is in close proximity to the restaurant.

The restaurant is called Fresh Salt.  Take a seat outside so you can enjoy the views like we did – at night there are these fun tables that have mini fireplaces that light up.  We over ordered – the servings are really large – some of the dishes you can easily share.

I was so excited to see one of my favorite cocktails on the menu that includes mulled blueberries, a little vodka, prosecco and some other goodness –there is a similar cocktail I love at the Surf Lodge in Montauk.  We had incredible tartare, calamari, mussels, and more.  We ended the night trying their locally made ice cream that was delicious – salty carmel – it got this ice cream cone – isseurs stamp of approval.  Plus as dessert freaks we tired the baked Alaska that was so awesome – it was our first time trying one and I would definitely have another.

I am not sure if the music always changes but we were able to hear a mix of fun tunes including some of my favorites from The Cranberries and Natalie Merchant. It was so relaxing eating incredible food, listening to some tunes I haven’t heard in a little bit and watching the moon.

The next morning we woke up and I was completely decadent and picked the blueberry pancakes that were so amazingly delicious.  I haven’t had pancakes in so long because I have been waiting for the right place and these surpassed by expectations. I would go to Fresh Salt just for the pancakes. saybrook2saybrook

Then onto experiencing SANNO which is the spa inside the Saybrook Point Inn.  This place had everything a spa should have – it wasn’t pretentious. It was luxurious, had a beautiful simple relaxation room, comfy robes, OKA B ( MADE IN THE USA ) flip flops, & a nice array of teas, wines, water in the relaxation room. Most importantly the massage therapists were incredible – they started by asking which aromatherapy oil we wanted to try – Scott opted out but I picked the one with the white tea. It was just what I needed – it was a great massage.  My massage therapist knew great techniques to help with tired muscles and to relax your body. I would highly recommend this spa and I have been to a bunch of spots but this was a top 5 massage in my book.saybrook 4

We then were able to explore the Inn and grounds and visited the Lighthouse Suite which is right on the dock right near all the boats – you can stay in this suite – it is great for one’s honeymoon, anniversary, birthday or just a romantic getaway.  It is also such a tranquil place if you are travelling by yourself to visit with a good book and just look at the view – sunrise/ sunset/ sunrise/sunset.

There is also their new property on the premise – called THREE STORIES.  This was originally built in 1892 and it was recently restored by Stephen Tagilatela.  The gardens that surround this part of the property are incredible -there are trees that I have never seen before – they are groomed so beautifully. There are butterflies flying around everywhere. It is some real magic in this part of the property. The outside is majestic and once you enter the décor is really interesting – with plenty of space to enjoy with other guests.  The spiral staircase is an original and there are eight suites inside.  One of the suites is an ode to Katherine Hepburn and is so feminine and beautiful – it is a great place for a bride to be to stay the night before her wedding. Each suite is named after a different public figure from Old Saybrook –their name appears on the door and the room reflects their style.

saybrook 9saybrook 3

Other quick notes on Saybrook Point Inn are that there are bikes that you can borrow that come with helmets and a map of the area. I loved that they had a lot of eco – friendly odes – especially they were using solar panels.  They also did something  I love which they were growing herbs on the property that they later use in your meals such as basil and mint. 

Saybrook Point Inn shouldn’t be a hidden gem – I hope more people know about it – it is an easy drive or train ride ( they can pick you up from the train ) from NYC and you can get away and really feel like you are on vacation – transported to a place that will keep you relaxed.

We went in the Summertime but there is plenty of things to do in the Fall – throughout the year they have a lot of great activities for Fall they will have their Pumpkins on the Point event which is a reason I want to go back again this year.

saybrookme16 saybrookme18


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