Storm King Art Center is located about a hour away from NYC and is well worth the trip.  Scott has been wanting to go back for a bit and we went with some friends on a little adventure. It is a great place to picnic and spend the day pick a day that is not so hot it would be a great place to go in Spring or Early Fall. Great exercise, very beautiful, romantic and great place to take some fun selfies!

stormking28 stormking10

One of our favorite pieces it is outstanding :

Zhang Huan, Three Legged Buddha, 2007. Gift of Zhang Huan and The Pace Gallery

stormking5 stormking4

There is a special exhibition by Lenda Benglis – called WATERSOURCESstormking2

I love the mirror fence – stormking26   stormking3  stormking20 stormking19  stormking17 stormking16 stormking15 stormking14 stormking13  stormking11

One of my other favorite pieces was

Roy Lichtenstein’s Mermaid


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