Recently we went to Phoenicia and stayed at this rad place GRAHAM & CO – about a hour and 45 min ride from the city and you are in the middle of nature – hiking, swimming holes, rafting and more – so much fun – I definitely want to go again very soon.  GRAHAM & CO has this rustic / modern vibe to it – extremely affordable – clean and near some great spots – The teepee is not from the hotel we found it at Bear Camping site nearby – a cool campground if you decide you would rather camp in the area DSC08397DSC08312 DSC08315 DSC08316 DSC08327 I have big expectations of places and this place to me was so great they offer you water or beer when you show up and breakfast is delightful with mixed berries, cherries, hard boiled eggs,fruit, yummy apple cider donuts, dried fruit, granola and yummy juices – I didn’t expect breakfast treats but then they did it so perfectly everything was local and what was in season – so delicious grahamanco23grahamandco23DSC08329 DSC08330 DSC08331 DSC08332 DSC08333 DSC08339 DSC08342 DSC08346
DSC08356 I heard a lot about Pheonicia Diner when I went up to Woodstock and this place also has a great vibe + a yummy menu including corn cakes and skillets that are quite delicious DSC08361 Scott of course is always playing Catan DSC08362Special thanks to Avon for sending me amazing bug spray with SPF in it – this is a saviour for places like this especially when you are in the woods and outside on these summer days this is deer country so ticks can be anywhere 
DSC08366 We went to this incredible restaurant PEEKAMOOSE that looks like you are sitting a top a treehouse – such a beautiful place and we met one of the owners – so lovely – our food was DELICIOUS !! This is about 10 – 12 minutes from Graham & Co in an area called Big Indian, NY DSC08368 DSC08371 The art is curated by someone from Brooklyn it is quite eclectic DSC08375 An interesting twist on watermelonDSC08376 Delicious pasta dish – I loved this DSC08377 We had the homemade ice cream and the pudding that was INCREDIBLY AWESOME! DSC08380 There was some terrible fog while we were there DSC08386 DSC08387 DSC08388 DSC08389 DSC08392 DSC08393More from the campground – they say black bear come through often so exciting — you have to be careful with your food but what glorious creatures 
DSC08397DSC08400 DSC08401 DSC08402 DSC08403graham3There are a ton of galleries and artists in the area driving in we saw this spot and had to go and visit The Hellers Fabulous Furniture an amazing spot for a photo shoot
graham1graham 2Besides having spaceships, retro looking cars, and more on his premise he believes these totems might help women to get pregnant – I am in need of one – so I need to write him and get a smaller one to have to wish upon a little one… they are quite special looking and this artist just makes me smile !
graham5 graham6 grahamandco22grahamandco21grahamandco20
a photo of Bjork at a vintage shop – Bjork in Woodstock – such a great photo graham8 graham9 graham10 graham11 graham12 graham13 graham14 graham15 graham16

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