Scott and I went to London recently – I had to travel to London many times for London but I never really explored it fully – I was there for a week and had plenty of time to explore. One of the hilights was going to Matthew Williamson’s installation at the BLAKE HOTEL. It was one of the most incredible places I have ever seen and especially eaten at – the food was yummy and the decor and concept so incredible – I was in this bohemian English garden and I loved every minute of it. More photos proceeding.. london 7 DSC08309Check out these birds in Kensington Garden so beautiful there were so many interesting birds
DSC08304 A hilight was getting to see this incredible installation at Serpentine Gallery – in Kensington Gardens Learn more on the website but I pulled this from website – Spanish architects selgascano designed the 15th Serpentine Pavilion. The award-winning studio, headed by José Selgas and Lucía Cano, is the first Spanish architecture practice to be asked to design the temporary Pavilion on the Serpentine’s lawn in London’s Kensington Gardens. In keeping with the criteria of the scheme, this is the studio’s first new structure in the UK. The Pavilion is an amorphous, double-skinned, polygonal structure consisting of panels of a translucent, multi-coloured fluorine-based polymer (ETFE) woven through and wrapped like webbing. Visitors can enter and exit the Pavilion at a number of different points, passing through a ‘secret corridor’ between the outer and inner layer of the structure and into the Pavilion’s brilliant, stained glass-effect interior.

  • DSC08293

DSC08290 DSC08289 DSC08288 DSC08287 DSC08286 DSC08284 DSC08279
DSC08253 DSC08251 DSC08250 DSC08246 DSC08244 DSC08243DSC08240 DSC08238 More in Kensignton Garden so lovely …
DSC08234 DSC08232 DSC08229 DSC08226 DSC08223 On the first day I went to the National Portrait Gallery and I got a timed ticket to see the Audrey Hepburn exhibit and saw so many incredible photos of this celebrity and fashion icon – she was so incredible – it was so nice to see all her photos from her films as well her work for Unicef. london 1We found a delicious Indian restaurant the last night to eat and had COBRA beer .. if you can see behind our food is on fire …. on purpose So good there is a lot of hype over this nouveau Indian place down the street but I had such an incredible traditional yummy meal at Punjab I would visit everytime I am in London DSC08220 DSC08208 That afternoon I ate at BAO which you have to wait in line outside – I lined up at 5pm with it opening at 5:30pm so I was able to get right inside and I loved it – I had one of the most delicious ice cream sandwiches in the history of my love for ice cream and this incredible iced tea with this sweet foam on top and a bao with daikon – and eggplant ! Everything was incredible – I suggest to go on the earlier side – I hear the queue gets rather long DSC08206 DSC08205DSC08201 DSC08198 DSC08196 DSC08195 DSC08193 DSC08192 So funny there is a Joe Snow bar makes you think maybe George R.R. Martin  visited there .. to get the name DSC08190 DSC08185 a little shop I really enjoyed was this spot that had all different kinds of hand rolls – a great concept DSC08184 I passed a parking garage and noticed they were having an exhibition presented by the Vinyl Factory this time by

Carsten Nicolai – unicolor

German artist/musician’s Carsten Nicolai’s practice investigates the boundaries between visual and audio art forms within an integrated artistic approach. The Vinyl Factory is proud to present the European premiere of unicolor, Nicolai’s ingenious examination the psychology of colour perception. Submerged in panoramic wavelengths of blue, red, green and grey that grow, evaporate and meld into one another, the viewer is confronted with an infinite, visceral expanse of colour and sound. Also presented in a new version of bausatz noto (1998) featuring 12 vinyl records pressed in 12 unique colours.

DSC08181 DSC08178 DSC08177 DSC08176 DSC08175 DSC08172 DSC08170 DSC08169 DSC08168 DSC08166 I read up that Tracy Emin was also having a bit of an installation and it happened to be right across the way ….DSC08165 DSC08163 DSC08162 DSC08159 DSC08157 DSC08155 DSC08154 DSC08153 DSC08152 DSC08151 DSC08150 DSC08149 DSC08147 DSC08146 DSC08145 DSC08144 DSC08143 DSC08142 DSC08141 While in London I hear if you are a foodie you need to visit Borough Market and there were so many finds there – a lovely place and so many choices – this is where I catched a short play in a Caravan DSC08140 DSC08136 DSC08127 DSC08123 london 16DSC08120 DSC08109 DSC08104 DSC08100 DSC08096 DSC08095 DSC08094 DSC08090 DSC08087 DSC08082 I heard of this place called CARAVAN which so amazingly yummy and lived up to the Caravan name but while there I ventured around Kings Cross to find this lovely waterfront area including a boat that sold books called WORD ON WATER – there were several other boats that were quite interesting along the pathway DSC08075 DSC08070 DSC08061
DSC08056 DSC08039 DSC08038 DSC08032 DSC08031 DSC08029 DSC08024
DSC08020Caravan is an incredible coffee shop and restaurant – the decor is so cool and the staff friendly and the menu so interesting – I was so happy to have learned about this spot and it is so funny how I did… I stumbled upon a shop called Brooklyn in Shoreditch area and they were selling Caravan coffee and I said that is so funny and they told me about the restaurant so happy they did !
DSC08015 DSC08007 DSC08001 DSC07994 DSC07986 DSC07968 DSC07966 DSC07964 DSC07959 DSC07958 DSC07956 DSC07952 DSC07949 DSC07947 a favorite store I love to visit is BLUEBIRD while in London DSC07938 We did not get as much as ice cream as I would have hoped for but we did have some .. GELUPO it was pretty good but the BAO ice cream sandwich was memorable DSC07932 DSC07931 DSC07929 DSC07926 DSC07924 Blacklock is an interesting concept if you are not a vegan or vegeterian they had very cool decor and very friendly staff and the food was yummy DSC07919 DSC07916 DSC07914 DSC07913 I am currently in love with all these coloring books above – I own some and have gifted some to my father who loves to color … while in London I found one of my top 10 favorite places of all time to dine – BLIXEN – I hear it is a favorite of Conde Nast and I know why – the decor and ambiance are incredible and the menu is delightful – I loved this spot ! DSC07906 DSC07905 DSC07903 DSC07901 DSC07896 DSC07895 DSC07893 DSC07891 DSC07890 DSC07889 DSC07887 This was Brooklyn coffee in East London – these guys moved from Brooklyn to London alias the name – great branding – great spot DSC07885 DSC07884 DSC07883 DSC07882 DSC07880 On to some street art ……..DSC07879 DSC07877 DSC07876 DSC07875 DSC07874 DSC07873 DSC07872 DSC07871 DSC07870 DSC07869 DSC07868 DSC07867 DSC07865 DSC07862 I ventured to Brick Lane to go to CEREAL KILLER CAFE – such a funny name and such a great menu – I forgot how much I like to eat sugary cereal – such an amazingly smart concept ! Such a cute spot I went twice while in London ! DSC07861 DSC07856 DSC07852 DSC07848 DSC07847 DSC07846 DSC07845 DSC07844 DSC07843 DSC07841 DSC07839 DSC07837 DSC07835 DSC07834 DSC07833I did not visit this spot in London proper but I did in outskirts with Scott’s good friend and it was so delicious – home made pastas and delicious sauces – some of the best pesto sauce I had – it must be a bit of a chain there because I saw one near Scott’s friends in the suburbs and then again in East London – so yummy – we need this in New York Burro e Salvia london 10
DSC07830 DSC07828 DSC07827 DSC07825 DSC07823 DSC07822 DSC07817 DSC07816 DSC07814 Learned about the artist NOIR while in East London who is so fun – reminds me of Bart Simpson meets Keith Haring a bit – so whimiscal and fun – this exhibition was titled “JAZZ” DSC07811 DSC07810 DSC07807 DSC07803 DSC07802 DSC07801 DSC07800 So happy to have seen a Shepard Fairey – I remember when Scott stopped him in Wynwood Miami and I got to meet him – such an incredibly nice person DSC07797 DSC07794 DSC07789 this wall is interactive you can go online and see more of it – there should be more of this interaction DSC07787 DSC07786 DSC07784 Mast Brothers had a huge factory there and store in East London it was quite beautiful DSC07782 DSC07780 DSC07778 DSC07777 DSC07776 DSC07775 Had to see a BANKSY DSC07774 DSC07773 DSC07772 DSC07771 DSC07770 DSC07767 DSC07766 DSC07765 DSC07759 DSC07757 DSC07756 DSC07755 DSC07752 DSC07751 DSC07750 This is gum so crazy – this artist paints on old gum DSC07749 DSC07744 DSC07743 DSC07741 DSC07740 DSC07739 DSC07738 DSC07737 DSC07734 DSC07733 DSC07732 DSC07731 DSC07730 DSC07729 DSC07728 DSC07727 DSC07725 DSC07724 DSC07723 DSC07722 DSC07721 DSC07720 DSC07717 We saw this play at the National Theater while in London and it was so good – we laughed so much – great acting – great concept ! DSC07713 DSC07712 DSC07710 DSC07709 DSC07708 DSC07707 DSC07706 DSC07705 DSC07704 DSC07703 DSC07702 DSC07701 DSC07699 DSC07698 DSC07697 DSC07696 DSC07695 DSC07692 DSC07689 DSC07688 DSC07687 DSC07686 DSC07684 DSC07683 DSC07682 DSC07681 DSC07679 DSC07675 DSC07674 DSC07673 DSC07672 DSC07671 DSC07670 DSC07669 DSC07668 DSC07667 DSC07665 DSC07664 DSC07663 DSC07662 DSC07661 DSC07660 DSC07658 DSC07655 DSC07649 DSC07646 Another fun concept DARK SUGARS CHOCOLATE – so good – chocolate that you can pile into a box and so many good flavors and such beautiful chocolates that seem raw without perservatives – so natural and delicious – we need one of these in New York too – this was in East London on Brick Lane as well DSC07641 DSC07639 DSC07638 DSC07634 DSC07632 DSC07630 DSC07628 DSC07626 DSC07624 DSC07622 DSC07621 DSC07618 DSC07617 DSC07616 DSC07615 DSC07614DSC07610 DSC07609 DSC07608 DSC07607 DSC07605 DSC07604 DSC07603 DSC07599 DSC07596 DSC07595 DSC07593 DSC07592 DSC07589 DSC07587 DSC07582 DSC07578 I stopped at the Box Park in East London which is by the creator of Box Fresh – brilliant pop up concept… this was such yummy broth with so many great veggies and healthiness DSC07570 DSC07569 DSC07568 DSC07567 DSC07566 DSC07564 DSC07561 DSC07560 DSC07559 DSC07558 DSC07556 DSC07554 DSC07553 DSC07552 DSC07551 DSC07550 DSC07549 DSC07548 DSC07547 DSC07546 DSC07545 DSC07544 DSC07543 DSC07542 DSC07541 DSC07540 DSC07539 DSC07538 DSC07537 DSC07536 DSC07535 DSC07534 DSC07533 DSC07531 While in London I visited Carsten Höller exhibition which is totally sensory overload – this is the 2nd time I went down one of his slides – I did so as well in New York and I believe I saw some of his work before in Berlin … DSC07530 DSC07528 DSC07526 DSC07525 DSC07524 DSC07523 DSC07522 DSC07520 DSC07519 In walking distance from our hotel we had delicious traditional pub food – very hearty and yummy THE VICTORIA – it is delicious and well decorated and they had incredible STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING – we were on the search for it and found it here DSC07511 DSC07508 DSC07504 One night after the play we saw we went to this new hot spot that was hysterical BUNGA BUNGA – it is like a Bachelorette party haven with live Karaoke and disco balls – we ate the largest calzone ever – we were able to customize it DSC07502 DSC07500 DSC07499 DSC07498 DSC07497 DSC07496 DSC07485More photos of the Matthew Williamson installation at Blake Hotel that I loved so much 
DSC07482 DSC07481 DSC07475 DSC07473 DSC07472 DSC07471 DSC07470 DSC07466 DSC07463 DSC07461 DSC07456 DSC07455 DSC07454 DSC07452 DSC07451 DSC07446 DSC07445 DSC07444 DSC07443 DSC07442 DSC07441 DSC07439 DSC07438 DSC07435 DSC07430 DSC07424 DSC07416 DSC07413 DSC07411 DSC07407 DSC07406 DSC07404 DSC07397 I dragged poor Scott to the Portobello Market – Notting Hill is so beautiful and the shops are so sweet DSC07396 DSC07383 DSC07377DSC07373 DSC07371 DSC07368 DSC07365 DSC07361 DSC07352 DSC07349 DSC07347 DSC07341 DSC07331 DSC07329 DSC07323 DSC07322
DSC07317 DSC07315 DSC07313 In Notting Hill there is a yummy brunch spot called RAOUL so delicious – these were these yummy corn cakes – I loved this brunch ! DSC07311 DSC07309 DSC07304 DSC07302 We need a pet cafe lounge – somewhere we can hang out and bring our loved ones DSC07301 DSC07297 DSC07295 The Shed not far from our hotel was so cool – great ambiance and all local farm food – great story to this place – a blogger recommended it to me and we loved it ! DSC07293 I went to Selfridges to find this incredible project they were doing with elephants that were all painted by different artists – I brought a small one home –  not the guy in the photo he was expensive but a very small pink one london 2

DSC07289 Had to check out Liberty London while in town such a magnificient store – I love visiting this shop DSC07279 DSC07277 DSC07275 DSC07274
DSC07267 DSC07265 DSC07264 DSC07263 DSC07262 DSC07261 DSC07260 DSC07257 DSC07255 DSC07252 DSC07244 DSC07241 DSC07232 I never went to NEAL’s Yard before filled with yummy energy cafes, green juice spots and spas… DSC07224 DSC07221 DSC07217 DSC07208 DSC07204 DSC07202 DSC07199 DSC07188 DSC07186 DSC07183 DSC07178 DSC07176 DSC07175 DSC07172 DSC07171 DSC07170 DSC07168 DSC07164 DSC07161 DSC07158Thanks London for such a great time !!! 
london 27london 25
london 18london 17london 13london 11london5 london 8 london 4

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