Anyone that has the opportunity to visit Glen Highland Farm understands its magic as soon as they arrive. If you love your dog you will love this place. It is a great place for people to enjoy, relax, cook, relax, chill, relax, explore, relax but it is even better with your loved dogs – watching them explore and enjoy – there are so many spots off lease. The cooking facilities are amazing besides bbqs they have  a wood burning grill – which smells amazing and so many hammocks all over the property – you can hang out and meet new people and dogs, play board games, enjoy some wine and watch incredible sunsets. The nights are cozy in your tent, cabin and they even have RVS.  I wouldn’t say we went camping I would say glamping because it was a bit more luxurious then just pitching a tent. I say run to Glen Highland Farm with your dog as soon as you can you will have a blast like us ! dogcamp9 dogcamp22     dogcamp7 dogcamp8 dogcamp13 dogcamp14 dogcamp15 dogcamp17 dogcamp18 dogcamp19 dogcamp20 dogcamp21 dogcamp23 dogcamp24 dogcamp25 dogcamp26 dogcamp27 dogcamp28 dogcamp29  dogcamp33 dogcamp34 DSC06806 DSC06810 DSC06816 DSC06817 DSC06818 DSC06824  DSC06826 DSC06827 DSC06829 DSC06830 DSC06832 DSC06833 DSC06846 DSC06863 DSC06875 DSC06878 DSC06879  DSC06902 DSC06906 DSC06918 DSC06919 DSC06920 DSC06983 DSC06968 DSC07011 DSC07067 DSC06999 DSC07001 DSC07003 DSC07005 DSC07069 DSC07014 DSC07015 DSC07016 DSC06991  DSC06994 DSC06926 DSC06942 DSC06956 DSC06963

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