We loved our very short visit to Chicago.  We love eating, checking out all the local spots and parks ! Millenium park right across from our hotel was so beautiful. Here we are checking out the Chicago bean. image

DSC06310DSC06307DSC06302DSC06297DSC06290They have rock climbing walls and an ultimate playground and so many beautiful gardens throughout the park. Yes these people made it to the top. DSC06279A DSC06273DSC06272DSC06271DSC06270DSC06259DSC06256DSC06253DSC06247DSC06244DSC06241DSC06239DSC06237DSC06232DSC06229DSC06228WDSC06227

We love checking out the best in ice cream but had limited time so we went where the Beatles went to MARGIES SUNDAES… the ice cream was good & homemade but I think the place is known for their lavish sundaes etc… I am more checking out how the ice cream tastes – it was good but not my favorite but I did love the atmosphere and think if you love ice cream you have to visit this place and if you are going to do it – go for the big sundae don’t wimp out like me. The chocolate fudge was delicious on top of my 2 scoops – cherry and chocolate !DSC06221DSC06219DSC06217DSC06215DSC06214DSC06211


We had brunch at LULA CAFE IN LOGAN SQUARE and loved it lots of great spots to check out in this area – but I loved everything about LULA. Lots of cute stores like this fun store called BRIC N BRAC and a beautiful floral store called FLEUR.

Another great spot is LONGMAN & EAGLE.  We stayed at the Chicago Athletic Association which was one of the most beautiful and interesting hotels I have ever stayed in so cool ! wpid-20150627_120339.jpgwpid-20150627_112041.jpgAnother  wpid-20150627_124500.jpgDSC06207

The robes at the hotel at the Chicago Athletic Association to go with the theme


The snack bar was great and I loved that they had local brands – I don’t drink Gin but thought the packaging of Koval was so neat

DSC06195DSC06191DSC06189DSC06403DSC06402 DSC06377 DSC06376    DSC06371 DSC06370  DSC06364 DSC06361  DSC06358 DSC06355   DSC06350 DSC06349 DSC06343  DSC06340 DSC06339  DSC06337      DSC06318

We had an amazing meal at AVEC – My friends recommended this place and my friend Stacy asked all her friends the best spots in Chicago and this was truly so yummy get the nutter butters at the end of your meal DSC06316 DSC06315 DSC06314On Sunday we got a suprise we thought we were going to have to wait in line most of the day for General Admission but Chicago was so cool and laid back – we got there around 10am we got our numbers 128 and 129 and they told us we could just go back at 4pm – typically you need to wait there the whole time like GA initiation but this was different – if I had known I would have gotten there at 4am so I could have been one of the first people in line maybe I would have gotten an even better spot but even being 128 it worked out for us.  So we wait they wrote our numbers down we showed up early so we can get printed tickets we got in line around 4pm or like 4:30 or so they did a roll call then at around 5:10 they lined us up again to go in but we didn’t start to go in till like 6:00 I want to say – you had to pick the north side or south side.  I picked North that is Adam Clayton’s side the other side is to be closer to the Edge during the show.  Bono is everywhere on both sides.  So we got our bands and then you have to rush in to get your space but walk and be careful – I first went for one spot and then decided to change and almost didn’t get a railing but when everyone stood up there was one spot left and this lovely French girl let me in so I was right there front row against railing I was so close.  The other great spot is the EXPERIENCE stage that is where they find some of the people they will bring on stage but those spots were already taken – one of the girls that I saw in line earlier that night was picked JULIA – she did a great job – she was able to go on stage dance with BONO and then take a camera and livestream the show which was pretty amazing. The next show I definitely want to be in that area.  I was so close so I was grateful. I met this lovely guy from Texas and he understood because once you are so close to the band you can’t just sit in seats anymore you get spoiled it is like you are in the middle of all the action. It is truly amazing.

Tommy Bahama must sponsor the signs on the beach – super fun ! It is so cool to be swimming in Lake Michigan with all these tall skyscrapers around.


see front row right behind the camera man … pretty cool ! DSC06501DSC06497DSC06496DSC06494DSC06491DSC06483DSC06480DSC06465DSC06464DSC06462DSC06461DSC06456DSC06453DSC06448

U2 played so many great songs a whole bunch from new album of course and then so many old favorites. They also sang GLORIA at this show which they haven’t sang in 20 years apparently so that was pretty cool.  Our show was the night of gay pride so this guy Mike had a flag sent up to the stage that said in the NAME OF LOVE and Bono took it and walked with it – it was so beautiful and amazing.  America is not just a country it is an idea !

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