PopUp Dinner Brooklyn Created by Handmade Events at Prospect Park 2015

I recently attended  the  PopUp Dinner Brooklyn created by Handmade Events. My friend Laura organized a table and I met all her lovely friends and my friend from high school, Annemarie joined us. Laura made incredible gazapacho in mason jars and we had all sorts of yummy foods. She decorated the table with flowers and a plume.  I danced and enjoyed the music and it was just a fun time. Everyone had to wear white which looked nice but I do not think that part was necessary but it was fun indeed. Thousands of people gathered in Prospect Park wearing white and everyone ate a ton of tasty food and listened to great music. The music was incredible with a trumpet player that danced amazingly – Spencer Ludwig and dj OP Miller – https://www.facebook.com/opmiller1?fref=ts.  The dj was awesome and so fun !

DSC06129 DSC06112  DSC06140 DSC06136  DSC06130 DSC06119

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