You have to purchase timed tickets ahead of time – Scott suprised me and got us in on the 2nd day of the opening – but you can go online and everything is super organized – you show up with your ticket and then you can wait in a line for that time and you are allowed up pretty quickly from there.

It is very sad to go to this area and not think of 9/11.  I was working on Grand Street when it happened and could see all of this happening from the roof of my work building then ran to West Broadway and heard and saw the rumbling of one of the towers falling – and started running. It was definitely the most frightful experience and sad experiences.  We will never forget that day.

NYC did a good job rebuilding and showing that we will still stand tall.  So it was nice to see us grow again from this disaster and showcase our city and our strength  but always remember what happened on that day.

It is important to know this is not just a tourist experience this is an experience for New Yorkers who love their city and have  so much pride in where we live – it is a beautiful experience to see it like this. 

The sunset from the top of the observatory 
DSC05891 DSC05889One of the most exciting moments and you get tears in your eyes is when they are showing a film about all that NYC offers from subways to taxis to the busy streets and all of a sudden they raise the video screen and it is the view very quickly but during that moment all you want to do is cry – the film is exciting but also emotional because if you are a New Yorker especially – you realize how proud you are to be a New Yorker and how much you love the heartbeat of your city. 
DSC05884When you arrive you board an elevator that takes you up to the 102nd floor in less then 60 seconds.  It is this incredible technology that shows the history of NYC through the years from the 1500s to the present day to see all the development of New York’s skyline. DSC05876This was very important when you walk in after you enter you hear this program called “VOICES” – it tells the personal stories of those that built ONE WORLD TRADE.  You hear stories and you remember.  This was a very important part to the experience so it really shows you who built these incredible buildings and also about how they were built and how much time went into them. DSC05859DSC05852 DSC05906
DSC05902 DSC05899 DSC05898 DSC05895 DSC05920

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