I am always looking for experiences to take my parents along too.  I want to experience as much as possible with them. If you have loving parents like I do you want to spend time with them and really have great memories. I thank artist YAYOI KUSAMA for this exhibit and the David Zwirner Gallery for hosting it.  It was a fun interactive experience where you experience this fun brilliant idea that Yayoi Kusama created with stickers every where – there is this room that is decorated with a couch a table a coat rack, a chandelier, a whole kitchen area, even a dogbed and everything is covered in colorful dot stickers. When you arrive you get a page of stickers so that you can be part of the fun. You can also put them on you so in a way you are part of the room – you blend into all the dots around. After you go through this experience you get to see some of her incredible colorful artwork that makes you smile.  This was something great for me to share with my parents because my dad was always an artist – I encourage him to continue it and create more artwork – but I think this was something he was able to enjoy visually and also we just had fun. Art should touch your emotions and this was also sensory because you were putting dots on you and being interactive with the artwork.  I think the exhibition is over now but I can’t wait to see what Yayoi Kusama comes up with next.  Caravangirl is about experiences that I have around NYC and when I get to travel.  Caravanstyliststudio is more of a work blog showcasing who I style and different events that the studio puts together.  I put the blog together for fun but also to share experiences and encourage people to check out all the many things their cities have to offer. This was a free experience – we had to wait on line but who cares – we waited together and we had an awesome time.


DSC05963 DSC05967 DSC05969 DSC05970 DSC05973 DSC05974 DSC05979 DSC05980 DSC05982 DSC05983 DSC05984 DSC05985 DSC05986 DSC05991 DSC05993   DSC06004 DSC06007 DSC06008 DSC06011 DSC06012  DSC06020 DSC06022 DSC06024 DSC06026 DSC06033 DSC06038 DSC06039  DSC06042 DSC06052 DSC06053 DSC06063 DSC06071 DSC06072 DSC06073 DSC06075 DSC06080 DSC06081  DSC06086 DSC06087 DSC06090 DSC06093 DSC06099 DSC06101 DSC06104 DSC06106 DSC06107

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