I have never been to the Manhattan Botanical Gardens – I have been to the Brooklyn but never to Manhattan. It is in the Bronx – it was about a 25 minute drive from my apartment.  They had a little cafe and a tram that takes you around the gardens which is nice but I find out that it is not very senior citizen friendly so very hard if your parents have difficulty walking – so that is something to keep in mind. There really is not much of a discount between an adult tix / senior tix. They really should make these spots more senior citizen friendly – less of a cost to them and a bit easy to walk around.

I did enjoy the concept of the Frida Kahlo exhibition. If I went back I wouldn’t have taken the time to go into the library unless I had more time – I would have spent all my time exploring the conservatory. That part with all the plants and areas painted to resemble her Casa Azul – was really spectacular and worth the visit.  The gardens themselves are beautiful with a rose garden and incredible tree species and a rock garden area and more.

When I was in Berlin I believe I saw a Frida Kahlo exhibition that was incredible so the actual painting archives were hard to compete with that but they certainly did not have the conservatory and that was beautiful – filled with so many cactus species I have never seen before and more.

Me and my parents – I am wearing a dress from the Milly by Michelle Smith Capri collection for Kohls

DSC05790 DSC05798 DSC05831 DSC05830   DSC05827 DSC05826 DSC05824  DSC05821 DSC05820 DSC05819 DSC05818 DSC05814 DSC05811

I met this lovely designer – Valentina the owner of VaLArte – she had this incredible bag with Frida Kahlo on it- quite beautiful and extremely well priced available on ETSY

DSC05810 DSC05809 DSC05808 DSC05799

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