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I had an incredible day about a month ago experiencing this incredible zenden at ABC CARPET & HOME.  It was such a great deal – you purchase the ticket and you get credit to purchase products. Of course after hearing the guests I wanted everything from my GABBY BERNSTEIN Miracles Now Card Deck to my Mario Martinez book – THE MINDBODY CODE to my amazing lotions from Tata Harper ( I purchased the body care lotion because I only use LIFTLAB of course).  I have to say who knew how funny and amazing Candice Kumai is – I became a huge fan. I also loved the chat Hannah Bronfman did – I love her energy and joined HBFIT for her tips every week.  Gabby Bernstein is always amazing and Dr. Mario Martinez was extraordinary – I am in the midst of reading his book.  I had incredible chocolates and juices & really enjoyed my time making my own floral design and learning some tricks of the trade. ABC CARPET & HOME in NYC is a remarkable place.

Gabby Bernstein, nytimes bestselling author of Miracles Now
Hannah Bronfman, dj, entrepreneur & founder of HBFit
Dr. Mario Martinez, bestselling author of The MindBody Code
Candice Kumai, chef & author of the forthcoming Clean Green Eats
Tata Harper, founder of Tata Harper Skincare

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