wpid-20150424_141044.jpgScott’s family enjoys time away a couple of times a year this time they picked WOODSTOCK, NEW YORK. I love visiting the Hudson Valley because it reminds me of my alma mater, Marist College. They rented an airbnb – which there are a ton of great ones listed and they picked for our home base to be Woodstock. The town of Woodstock has some fun shopping, great routes to run, watering holes, and yummy restaurants.  In the summer I bet there are some great flea markets, green markets and other activities like swimming & rafting.  We had plenty to do – the first day we visited a lighthouse in TIVOLI and ate the yummiest place GRAZIN – check this place out – such a great spot. We walked around in nature and went to visit a few beautiful spots. The next day we went to THE WALKWAY OVER THE HUDSON – which was very windy but I hear they are having a marathon there soon – I would love to do that – beautiful scenes with an incredible walk and I love it even more because dogs are allowed.  That day we visited Beacon as well. Scott & I went to Beacon and visited the DIA ART CENTER not too long ago – it is a great town.  We stopped at POPPY’s for lunch.  We did not stop but there is incredible ice cream in Beacon – the Beacon Creamery and when I go back I am definitely going to ZORA DORA’s that place looks incredible but was closed.  A neat shop to stop in while in Beacon is the HUDSON BEACH GLASS which is a great place to see some interesting pieces being made right there – the people who work there are lovely and there are so many beautiful colors.

The last day we just walked around town the following day and had an a delicious brunch at ORIOLE 9. In Oriole 9 they have one of those signs that says BEFORE I DIE — I did before I die I would like to travel the world …. I would with my family.  I also recommend catching a sandwich at Bread Alone – the salmon sandwich is incredible.  I did not eat at Joshua’s, Shindig, or Garden on the Green but they look really yummy too – also CUCINA. Scott & I drove to check out HOTEL DYLAN whose decor looks amazing – the restaurant is not open yet but hopefully opening soon – I am sure that will be a fun addition as well. The trip was about 2 hours from Manhattan and there was a ton to do – my dream would be to live somewhere in the Hudson Valley at least on the weekends. It is so peaceful and I bet a really great way of life.  In the middle of town were these incredible birdhouses, a moose and some planters made from mosaics by a local artist named Paul – they are extraordinary made from all these pieces of ceramics he found. As the ice cream cone – isseur – I had to find the best ice cream in the area – I disliked HOLY COW – sorry but my Holy Cow ice cream tasted like frozen peanut butter chips and the woman who worked there wasn’t very nice. I feel like people who work around ice cream should always be happy like the team at AMPLE HILLS CREAMERY they look like they are having a blast – anyway the best ice cream I had was at ORIOLE 9 – home made chocolate and LAVENDER ice cream – so tasty and then next up was JANE’s HOMEMADE who makes their ice cream in the Hudson Valley but doesn’t have a store – instead sells to stores.  Their chocolate is heavenly – it taste like truffle chocolate and I tried their carmel pretzel twist type ice cream which also was pretty superb.  I would give them a thumbs up. In Woodstock there is a great spot called SEW ELEGANT – that is worth checking out – if I lived in Woodstock I would definitely take some classes there. Before I am 50 I want to learn how to sew and get an amazing sewing machine so I can make clothing for my future children.

We played a bunch of Catan and watched some movies. You can run around WOODSTOCK in some lovely spots including around some watering holes and around a golf course – it is really incredible.

Our last spot was the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery – which was so beautiful – on the top of the mountain – you can hike OVERLOOK MOUNTAIN from there. This monastery is the most beautiful place and they have meditation I noticed sometimes during the week / weekends. I would love to go for that – it seems like such an incredible place to spend some time in your own thoughts. I wanted to go to say a prayer for the people of Nepal and the earthquake.

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