I have always been a huge fan of TODD OLDHAM – I remember coming into the city and visiting his store in SOHO and getting this awesome patchwork backpack – it was tie dye and patchwork and awesome. He is a creative genius and has so much spunk and personality and when I was invited to the Todd Oldham #HANDMADEMODERN event for Target tonight I had to go. He has been working with Target for a while now and this was a great celebration to see the product plus you felt like the room was blooming !

I love DIY projects – one of the first things I look at everyday is one of my favorite girls Jenni – @ispydiy instagram and blog – so many fun projects.  DIY projects just put in a great mood – I start my date checking out ideas and seeing all the colors and textures and bright ideas and then I meditate.  It is such a joyful concept – crafts ! TODD OLDHAM came up with some fun ideas – The flower crafting is brilliant and will be my new go to thank you gift for EVERYONE – watch out everyone is getting one – it is like so hard to figure out what is the new cupcake forget about it …. no macaroons — Flower crafting !!! On top of that walking around a room of elephants you can paint with bright colored beautiful paints and things you can weave and glitterify — it put you in a happy mood. I took my friend Bridget who I didn’t see in a bit and we stayed to almost the end which is crazy. I am usually in and out of an event unless one of my good friends organized the event or it is for a very good friend. But we were having so much fun. First,I don’t attend many events because I like to come home after a long day and cook and do yoga or go boxing or run – I don’t like going out after a long day of work – running around from fitting to fitting to showroom to showroom – it is very draining.  People think fashion is glamorous – not most days  – yes the end result is but all the in between is hard work !  When I do go I am in and out of an event but this event felt so great and was so JOYFUL we stayed the whole time. I also never eat at these events but we did our share of eating – the food was beautifully dainty and delicious and they won my heart when they closed the evening with ice cream sandwiches with SPRINKLES.  If you know me I am an ice cream queen – a fanatic – so I am glad I stayed till almost the end of the event for SPRINKLES as well !  I had a lovely time, catched up with an old friend and learned how to make flowers out of different shapes of paper – Don’t Worry Mom – I made you one !

You can find and buy great DIY projects and get some great ideas on the target.com website from Todd Oldham – the pricing is amazing. I love the lantern idea – check it out here :


todd oldham lantern

DSC05352  DSC05354 DSC05355 DSC05358 DSC05360 DSC05361 DSC05364 DSC05365 DSC05367 DSC05369  DSC05373 DSC05375 DSC05376 DSC05377  DSC05379 DSC05384 DSC05385 DSC05386 DSC05389  DSC05391 DSC05392 DSC05393 DSC05394 TO 2 TO party

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