Oh Hail ! GGs NYC downtown – you have paired my two favorite things to eat PIZZA & ICE CREAM

I am lucky because my parents growing up in Brooklyn then moving to Staten Island they too are pizza lovers and I think they dig some good ice cream too!

I consider myself an ice cream snob – I love it but I won’t eat it unless it is quality and when I noticed that Morgensterns was also involved in this pizza haven I had to take my parents there.

I have been out of the loop this place has been open for over 5 months and I am just getting there.

Yet now that I know about it – it will go on my favorite spots in the city along with Gotham West, Sfoglia, Friedmans, THE MARSHAL, La Bergamote, Egg Shop, Manon, Sarabeths, and I have many more but this is definitely up there on my favorite pizza in NYC. Morgensterns ice cream already won  a place in my heart – in Manhattan – it is them Serendipity – Ample Hills Creamery at Gotham West and Amorino.  Yet I have to admit my favorite ice cream is still Steve’s Mexican Chili Chocolate from Brooklyn Fare.

Anyhow my Easter Weekend started with sharing Friday night watching The Imitation Game with my husband and checking out the Easter Egg colored influenced Empire State Building. This is one of the many reasons why I love my apartment.  Although the thought of buying a home in Westchester and decorating it and having a backyard for my dogs interest me – I always come back to my view.


Then on Saturday I tried this new yoga class I am in love with that originally only had a studio in Brooklyn and maybe a pop up in New York – now they are right near my studio – Y7 – it is candlelit yoga with the room a bit heated and a dj that keeps you motivated !

Then acupuncture then I went to try some natural dye in my hair but it did not cover the greys I have on my hairline so work in progress – looking for a natural dye.

My parents came and we started our Easter Sunday hang out session.  On Sunday, we made our journey to GGS and we loved it.  My parents love to experiment like me so I drag them all over Manhattan and Brooklyn to check out different spots.

I love the menu choices at GGs, the food is delicious, the staff is so kind and they have homemade sodas and I already spoke about the delicious ice cream. They have a sweet garden in the back where I am assuming they will grow their basil etc. – it is really a great environment.  I am a simple girl – and this to me was perfection in a dining experience. Then off to church which was so lovely – we love The Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.  I have mixed feelings on the overall thought process in the Catholic community but I find solace at this church and feel that I always have a great experience with my parents there.  That pretty much concluded our Easter outings – back to the house to play with Noel & Barrett and later I made some ravioli from Brooklyn Fare.


Check out GGS –

Check this place out too –

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