Scott & I went on a quick trip that was very spontaneous to Vieques, Puerto Rico – we flew into San Juan using Jet Blue and then stayed overnight and then woke up the next day and went on Cape Air ( a small 6 – 8 person plane ) to Vieques. It was about a 25 – 30 minute flight.  You can also drive about 1.5 hr and take a ferry that takes another 1 hour + but it is very hard to find out the confirmed times of the ferry I hear so to be safe we flew. I loved my W experience – I wouldn’t have stayed anywhere else in Vieques it was a great experience all around !
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Upon arrival we went straight to the W HOTEL where we enjoyed the pool and the beach and the yummy food.

W always offers the best culinary experiences from yummy fish tacos to watermelon feta salads to french fries that were amazingly delicious. Speaking of …. Scott was a little under the weather and we WHATEVER / WHENEVER some soup – the chef – Jimmy made an incredible soup with some spice to kick Scott’s little cold – it was amazingly tasty and so nice that he did this with some orange slices on the side. Such a nice chef and such a W experience.
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The best thing to do in Vieques is to rent a car if you want so that you can explore the island a bit and not have to wait for taxis.  Taxis are very inexpensive like $5.00 a person so if you are not in a rush – a taxi is the way to go but if you do want to go beach hopping you can’t really do that with a taxi. The taxis are best for one destination drop offs.

The first night we went to El Quenepo which is rated #1 on tripadvisor and who a lot of people love –  I thought the place was pretty & a bit romantic and the waitress was so nice – the food was ok but expensive and there was no real atmosphere – it was very serious. When I am on vacation I want some local flavor – some fun music or interesting over the top flavors in my food — I wish I went somewhere else the first night. If you have a week in Vieques go there but if I could do it again I don’t know personally if I would have went there again – I think I had other places that were more unique experiences that I didn’t get to try.

The second night we went to eat at COQUI FIRE which is a newer place on the island and amazing !!! The mole sauce is out of this WORLD – I met Jimmy one of the owners and I have to say the guy is brilliant. There is true atmosphere, extremely fair prices and between the food & the cheesecake the food experience is AWESOME !

PR 28 PR 29

The next day we wanted to go exploring so we decided to rent a car at AVIS which seemed to be working out amazingly until our car got stuck in the middle of nowhere.  We got the car so we could go beach hopping and these beaches are out there and sometimes you could be parked all by yourself – sometimes on a secret road – we luckily had some people amongst us but we were the last stop on a very long road. THANKFULLY SCOTT who I tease got a sim card and his phone was working and we were able to call for help.  The good news is help finally came but we had a faulty engine … so we had to go and replace the car – now we already lost almost 2 hours with this experience. We go back to AVIS to get attitude from the front desk girl – she doesn’t have a new car ready for us and we have to wait for the engine to be replaced in another car and she wants us to take the faulty car they gave us to get gas ?????? This blew my mind – we are now over 2.5 hours of wasted time because of AVIS and she wants us to drive the car to get gas before she gives us another car.  Not fair and terrible customer service plus so much attitude.  They should have had a car waiting for us when they gave us a faulty car with terrible brake pads too that kept screeching. If you are going to rent from AVIS you should check out the car first. It is a bit of a monopoly since we didn’t have that many car places to choose from. This was a bit upsetting since AVIS ruined her beach exploration day – we wanted to get in about 6 – 7 beaches and we only got in 3!

We did get to see the following beaches  –  but we didn’t get to do too much snorkeling and we hear there are caves and so much to see…. but we went to Caracas, The Secret Beach ( which was very unique ) and Chiva Beach that was also beautiful. I thought Caracas was a bit crowded but it is very convenient since they have places that offer water and snacks and they don’t have anything like that at the other spots. On the way to the beaches we stopped at SOL FOOD which was amazing – the owner is from Long Island originally and her recipes do not disappoint – they also offered some amazing veggie options for me and I loved them !! It was an amazing experience. There are several food trucks around Vieques and I think it is brilliant so it is a good way to taste some flavorful food without spending a ton of money.

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Btw there are horses everywhere in VIEQUES they supposedly might have more horses then people… thousands upon thousands of horses… it is so sweet !

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While at the W we also had massages from AWAY SPA – they are a bit pricey maybe like by $20 too much for each person but felt great and the room was very lovely they had us in for our couple massage – the spa is really beautiful.

PR 95 PR 96  PR 98

W Vieques also offers YOGA class for FREE two times a day and that was AWESOME !!! I took the 5pm class and it was so lovely to see the moon coming out and the beautiful clouds in the sky and blue color — and the yoga teacher was so amazingly sweet and very skilled. I love my LESPORTSAC bag so awesome

PR 23

W Vieques also offers some amazing bath products from lovely body soaps to shower gels.  Of course I took my sponsored products of NYM with me but definitely used some of the lovely BLISS.

The last night we ate dinner at SABORES which is where we tried the MOFONGO that everyone raves about – and it didn’t disappoint I hear chefs come here from all over the place to try there version – SABORES means FLAVOR and it was certainly filled with a ton of that.
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The next day we ate at Bananas which was a grill – so lots of fried food – more of a fun bar experience.
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I wish in retrospect we got to try TIN BOX for lunch that place looked so cool or went back to SOL FOOD food truck.

I was lucky to try HAPPY ICE CREAM which didn’t disappoint – it was some amazing ice cream.

I loved staying at the W VIEQUES but wish the first night I ate at EL BLOK which was supposed to be an amazing food experience – instead we went to EL QUENEPO which was good but not for me.  If I ever go back EL BLOK, TIN BOX and also the sushi lasagna from NOCHE are on my list of things to try.

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