We took this trip forever ago but I never blogged about it and there are so many trips I really need to go back and blog about – this was our first real trip as boyfriend / girlfriend back in June 2011. We loved our trip to Peru – we started en route to Cusco and went to Sacsayhuaman, visited the Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco – which was incredible if you are a fashion lover -Sacred Valley of the INCAS, and of course the Machu Picchu.  We hiked the highest mountain in Machu Picchu which was very rewarding.  In Cusco we stayed at  The Hotel Monasterio in Cusco which was incredible, we met this lovely Shaman, Andre there as well during the trip. At the Machu Picchu we stayed at the SANCTUARY LODGE which was an incredible experience. The markets were so fun, lots of beautiful hiking and we met incredible people. We ended our trip in Lima – with one day and I think that was enough – it was really great to be so in the middle of nature for days and one day was enough in the city.

We booked our trips with Ales at :

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