I love my pizza so Scott & I went on a pizza tour of Greenwich Village that we found appropriately called SCOTT’S PIZZA TOURS.  This is a no joke tour – yes the tour guide was funny and had some jokes but the insight and information is awesome.  We learned a bit about the history of pizza and all about the cooking processes. It was a lot of great information and of course we got to try some pizza. For this tour it started at around 11:15 and was about 2 hours and went to 4 spots in Greenwich Village – I had about 3 slices of pizza in total some were half slices – so you don’t get too full but they did have some bonus slices in our group – Scott had one from John’s.  I don’t want to ruin the tour and where they go for you but I can say we start at this very traditional pizza shop that does it just like you went to Naples, then you move to a place that has a really cool history even a bit of a nightlife history in the late 20s – early 30s and is still there today – then we went on to a place that rang some homage to Staten Island and had a very nice story and lastly to one of my favorite places that is always great!

I loved the tour so much I definitely plan to go to the other tours – crosstown and Brooklyn.

Our guide who was AWESOME told us about a fundraiser in October that you can go and pay $1.00 a slice and try pizza from so many great pizza spots around – that is on my to – do list for sure !

pizza 1 pizza 2 pizza 3 pizza 4  pizza 6 pizza 8

It was a great day and we ended at Dominique Ansel which yet again we were too late for the cronut but we did get their SMORE that was incredible and an apple tartin and spotted the most adorable desserts.

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