My tree from Urban Outfitters might be small but filled with so many lovely memories.  I used to have a big large live tree and it had lights and they were beautiful and then I moved downtown and got myself this little guy – it is blue and a bit silly but it makes me so happy. My mother has kindly saved so many of my ornaments from childhood such as my Hollie Hobbie from my grandmother, my parents bought me so many from Disney characters to Snoopy to E.T.  There are so many special ornaments that make me so happy and smile.  Thank you to all that have given me so many beautiful ornaments that I will cherish forever. DSC00700 Check out E.T. and my little snowman and ballerina with my name on it  – along with my Kappa Kappa Gamma ornament DSC00702We brought home some ornaments from Peru – Scott doesn’t really get into the whole decorating of the holiday tree but I try to find little ornaments when we travel sometimes – here is our little friends from Peru
DSC00703Of course we have to have a NOEL ornament and an ornament from 1980 – can’t believe I was only 6 years old – and then I have a very special order from one of my Godson’s – Danny that I love so much !
DSC00706 DSC00708 Cabbage Patch Kids…. and a special ornament from my Mother In Law that is so beautiful DSC00710The tree wouldn’t be complete without several elephants – there are several lucky elephants around the tree – and my special bears from one of my Friends Forever – Lisa ! I love that ornament as well
DSC00711 Some ornaments I found at Anthropologie, I love this stringed ornament set which is a Santa in his boxers and along the tree you will find clothes pins with his clothes – his jacket, his pants, his gloves…. and then we have our special ornament from the Cayman Islands 
I love this ornament from my Mother and of course I had to get an ornament for Scott – check it out Gisele – this is where Tom Brady is …. on our Christmas tree !!! Go Patriots !! DSC00715 Several ornaments on my tree are from awesome nephews including this little boutique ornament, you can see a Rose from my Godmother Vickie and of course the muppets ! DSC00716A  little ornament from our Istanbul trip
DSC00717 A close up of the ornament from my God Son and of course Little Mermaid DSC00718 An ornament from my God Mother Rosanne DSC00721DSC00724DSC00722

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