LUCALI – on the #bestpizza in New York list for sure Carroll Gardens Brooklyn

This past weekend I finally checked out LUCALI pizza in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn. I can’t believe me loving pizza have never been here before but I was with my parents all weekend so we decided to check it out since they too love pizza.  Some of my favorite pizza places are Lombardi’s in Nolita, on the Upper East Side is totally one of my favorite faves, I love of course because it is near my house and right in the Fashion District – a great gem and I think they make some great pizza.  I think Roberta’s in Bushwick has some good kick butt pizza and of course I would still say that the Sicilian pizza from L&B is definitely one of my favorites because the taste of their pizza is so distinct.  I grew up in Brooklyn and then Staten Island so I have tried some of the best pizza on 86th street to Hylan Blvd.  When I go home to Staten Island to visit my parents there is no journey complete without visiting Mr. Pizza on Richmond Avenue.  I also loved CLAUDINE’s in Carroll Gardens – the pizza there was pretty yummy as well.


Definitely get the calzone – the crust is so crispy and baked with the perfect timing – and their cheese has to be right off the boat – because it is delicious. They give you extra marinara and cheese to put on top which makes the whole experience more heavenly.

Once you have the calzone you might feel a bit full but I still ate 3 pieces of pizza and I don’t eat that much usually but it was that good – the fresh basil on top of the pizza is delicious. I would suggest for your first time to not do toppings because  you don’t want to distract from the perfect pizza experience. The crust was perfect – the sauce incredible – the cheese heavenly and basil so fragrant and fresh.

The atmosphere is so special – dark and candlelit – very peaceful and you can bring your own wine – so I think that saves you some money and with a good bottle of red – wowzer what an experience!

The strategy was that we got there at 5pm – we were the first ones there – they took our name around 5:15 and we were the first ones on the list. We found a spot nearby so we waited in the car but heard two blocks down that Bar Bruno is a gem for drinks beforehand.  We were called around 5.55 and they had seating super organized so we took the table for three.  Although people kept lining up to put their names in – we never felt rushed. The service was really awesome constantly bringing us warm sauce and checking on us. We had two slices left to bring home to Scott to try so they wrapped those up.

There are some super cool antiques it seems in the space and they have a cute Henry street sign.

Our bill was super affordable and totally worth every cent. I highly recommend all to try Lucali pizza.

Heard they just opened one in Miami so I am sure that will be hopping during Art Basel.


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