CITIZEN M HOTEL IN PARIS right near the Charles de Gaulle airport – a fashionable place in Paris

When we flew back from Croatia we wanted to be close to the CDG airport for Paris and when I was looking for hotels I found CITIZEN M which happens to also have a property in NYC I found out. The check in was guided by help but was essentially done by the guest on a computer. It was a short stay but I highly recommend it – well priced and fun – definitely the coolest place I ever stayed so close to an airport – usually you dread staying in “airport hotels” but this was a true gem to find. You can find them at :

DSC00087I love Elephants so I loved these guys 
DSC00090 We had a little welcome  SAMSUNG which you could use to control different gadgets in the room DSC00092 The bed appeared small but was huge DSC00094 DSC00095The cool part was also the bar area that serves 24 hours – and it is set up like a modern cafeteria 
DSC00098 DSC00101 DSC00102 DSC00105 DSC00106 DSC00107 The lounge area was super spacious and so well decorated – super fun from elephants to Buddha to Pineapples DSC00110 DSC00112 DSC00114French books in large jars
DSC00117 DSC00118DSC00121 DSC00122 DSC00126 DSC00127 DSC00133 DSC00134 DSC00136 DSC00138 DSC00142 DSC00143DSC00151I thought this was a really fun site for the women’s and men’s room and some good ideas for fun in “bathroom decor” 

DSC00169 DSC00170And of course they had the Kennedy’s book out 
DSC00181DSC00185 DSC00187 DSC00192

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