SECRET SPIRITUAL PLACES ON STATEN ISLAND – Tibetan museum & shrine next to St. Alba Bookstore

Right now I am going through some research on Buddhism – it is a religion that always fascinated me and seems to be so peaceful and kind and accepting.  I really love going to the TIBETAN center in Staten Island – it is such a peaceful place –

DSC00420 DSC00421 DSC00424 Also my parents just found this incredible place that their cousin told them about that is a shrine for SAINTS where you can go and pray and light candles and set intentions. I truly believe in SAINTS – I think there are people that have the ability to give back and heal and may truly have gifted powers.  I believe in God and Jesus and Mary and everything I learned in a broad way from Catholic school. I loved going to church and being inspired by a priest when they gave an amazing sermon. I like modern day sermons where they feel motivational and just really in an effort to help thy neighbors.  The only issue I have with the church is the fact that they are against gay marriage – and this is a sticking point.  I don’t know how we can love thy neighbor but not accept thy neighbor.  That is just really terrible that our religion doesn’t allow us to accept people for who they are in a way.

Anyway I enjoyed visiting this shrine with my parents and actually felt closer to God in a long time. We lit a candle for St. Anthony and said a prayer with St. Michael and prayed to St. Gerard for me.  We also said special prayers to Mary, God and all the saints. I then made my parents sit and meditate. To practice stillness, quiet thought and reflection.

  I thank my parents for taking me to this magical place on Staten Island. You can find this place on the side of the book  store :

Alba House Book Store

2187 Victory Boulevard


DSC00429 DSC00430 DSC00431DSC00433 DSC00434 DSC00438

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