Scott and I figured while in Croatia let’s hop over to another country for the day.  We are happy we went but we wish we went on a shorter trip.  We found the long all day trip in a stuffy van very hard to deal with – the van had low A/C and it was hot and the seats had no leg room – so it was really a bit of a grueling drive.  I can’t even imagine how it is in the summer. I recommend guests to stop at the first stop of this tour or get a private driver to take to you the first stop so you can see the Bay of Kotur.  In Dubrovnik there is so much to see and so many islands to see – I think going to Montenegro is nice but I would say spend half the time we dedicated to this because some of the stops weren’t spectacular. The first stop definitely was amazing and worth the trip. The price is right it isn’t expensive it is just not the most comfortable adventure – so if you do it I would say spend the extra money and get a private coach so you can have leg room and A/C and you can stop where you want to stop.

We enjoyed a drive around Kotor Bay  and then stopped at  Perast which was really pretty – we took a boat across to CHURCH OUR LADY ON THE ROCKS. Then we went to the medieval city of KOTUR which was really beautiful – if you have time you can climb the walls there which would be a good workout.  We walked around a bit and got a snack. We then got back on the bus and went to Budva which was nice but not worth driving that far unless you have a lot of time on your journey. We had about a week in Croatia so I wish we just spent more time there.

A view of the city walls in DUBROVNIK – KING’s LANDING

DSC09212 Scott & I played a few games of Lord of Catan – I think Scott one every game DSC09224 The Bay of Kotur in Montenegro is incredible DSC09225 DSC09229 DSC09230 DSC09236 DSC09238 DSC09244We  took a boat to see the Church of Our Lady on The Rocks which was beautiful

DSC09246 DSC09247 DSC09248DSC09251 DSC09252 Rocking my Caravan bag DSC09253 DSC09254 DSC09255 DSC09256DSC09259DSC09261DSC09264 DSC09265 DSC09268 DSC09269 DSC09274 DSC09277 DSC09279 DSC09281 DSC09287 DSC09290DSC09296 DSC09303 DSC09304 DSC09306 DSC09307 DSC09308 DSC09309 DSC09313 DSC09315 The city walls in KOTUR DSC09318 The Long Road bar in BUDVA – looked pretty cool and we liked it because in Catan you get 2 points for the longest road DSC09323 In Budva we did find fantastic ice cream – this place MORITZ EIS had pretty stellar ice cream and found out it is local to Montenegro – I LOVE ICE CREAM and thought this was pretty amazing DSC09326 DSC09327 DSC09328 DSC09329DSC09336 DSC09337We also found a juice bar that was delicous and had incredible snacks too – Scott ordered like a gallon of juice – he didnt realize how big the large size was – this place is legit if you are in BUDVA – a great experience and great service !!! DSC09345 DSC09351 DSC09353DSC09360

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