We had our last meal in LAPAD – these were our lovely chefs – in this area of Dubrovnik – there is great places to swim, chill & relax & EAT – really great restaurants ! It was called EDEN restaurant and had two levels and was a good find DSC09374The very next day we had our last swim before heading over to the OLD CITY DSC09393 DSC09394 DSC09396DSC09398We rented an AIRBNB in the OLD CITY – it was the least expensive route to go and was a great choice. We were in the heart of the OLD CITY. Be warned that if you are carrying a lot of luggage you might want to be careful about this decision because there are a lot of steps in the OLD CITY and depending on where you are it could be tricky. We found a place a street away from STRADUN which is the main street once you get in the gates of the OLD CITY so we had to go down that street and up a street with some stairs. Once inside we had about two flights of stairs – no elevator – We were fine because suprisingly I traveled light this time. I only had one rolling back that was small for me and not that heavy and a CARAVAN canvas bag so it wasn’t too bad but if I was packing how I used too I would have been in big trouble.

So we get into the OLD CITY put our bags down and find DOLCE VITA – we read about it before going since we had to look up the best ice cream shop in DUBROVNIK and Dolce Vita was tasty – they are a bit snarky in their – the service is quick since they are busy but the ice cream is pretty delicious – I liked that they had some interesting flavors like KINDER candy flavor but their straight up chocolate was super delicious. They also had RAFAELO like those yummy coconut balls that are pretty popular there in Croatia – they had them in the supermarkets and in our mini fridge at our HOTEL MORE when we were in LAPAD. DSC09416 DSC09417 DSC09419 DSC09421 DSC09425DSC09435 DSC09437 You will find lots of musicians throughout the city DSC09440 DSC09441 DSC09442 DSC09444 Name time to walk the CITY WALLS.  The city walls surround the city and are huge – it took a good hour and half to walk the whole walkway – there are some stairs but it isn’t too bad – it can be very slippery at times so good to wear shoes with a bit of grip on them. DSC09445DSC09448Pigeons in love too DSC09450 DSC09452DSC09457 DSC09460 DSC09461 DSC09465DSC09470DSC09473 DSC09474 DSC09475 DSC09476 DSC09477 DSC09478
DSC09480 DSC09481 DSC09484DSC09486 DSC09487 DSC09488 DSC09490 DSC09491 More cats that are so sweet DSC09493 DSC09495 DSC09497 DSC09498 DSC09499 DSC09500 DSC09501DSC09504 DSC09506DSC09509 DSC09511 DSC09514 DSC09516 DSC09518a view from this bar that is famous there called CAFE BUZA where people jump off a cliff into the water DSC09521 DSC09522 DSC09525DSC09527 DSC09528 DSC09529 DSC09530 DSC09532 DSC09533 DSC09535 DSC09538DSC09542 DSC09543 DSC09544 DSC09545DSC09547 DSC09549The same three photos ?  They look similiar but they were taken by three different people walking on the city wall I wanted to see the difference between each photo DSC09550DSC09551DSC09555DSC09558 DSC09559 DSC09561DSC09563DSC09568DSC09571 DSC09572DSC09578 DSC09580DSC09585 DSC09586 DSC09589 DSC09590DSC09593 DSC09594 DSC09595 DSC09596 DSC09597 DSC09598It was pretty hot so we stopped at this little cafe – inside it was so sweet and they had tables with sewing machines – they are known for their juices and the staff is very nice DSC09600 DSC09603 DSC09604DSC09609 DSC09610 DSC09611DSC09617DSC09621 DSC09623DSC09631 DSC09632 DSC09633 DSC09636 DSC09638 DSC09639 DSC09641 DSC09644DSC09649 DSC09656 DSC09662 Ok this couple we met at OTTO told us we had to find LADY PI – PI and I am so glad they told us about this place because it is a hidden gem but amazing. You have to climb up a bunch of stairs from STRADUN but once upstairs it is all covered in ivy and super neat especially to watch the sunset.  The other fun thing is there are some stray cats that come in and become your little visiting pet for the night. You might want to get there before 5:30/ 6pm because we got in just in time and then there was a long line outside – the food is delicious. They cook some of the food in a big brick oven in front of you.  Service is great, the view is amazing and one of the coolest things are these bird bats called SWIFTS that fly around in huge groupings and make this haunting sound it was really an incredible experience. DSC09666 DSC09668 DSC09669
DSC09676 DSC09678 DSC09680 DSC09681DSC09685 DSC09689 DSC09693 DSC09695 DSC09700DSC09704 DSC09712 MMMM MUSSELSDSC09735 The swifts – bird type bats that make this amazingly haunting soundDSC00041Then we saw this glass place when we were walking the city walls and Scott mapped it out and we found ABOVE 5 – the food looked delicious but we had dessert which was fantastic – there are only a few tables and you need to climb 5 flights of stairs to get up there but so worth it when you are up on the top this spot is MAGICAL – I totally recommend Above 5 ROOFTOP RESTAURANT it is a must see even if it is just for dessert. We went after dinner so they had a spot for us so we were very lucky. DSC09738 DSC09740 Dessert was yummy ! 
DSC09745 DSC09751 DSC09753DSC09760 DSC09765

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