As we drove around from the airport I already knew I was going to love this place – I am a huge fan of Italy and I have to say Croatia is just as amazing as the Amalfi coasts – I actually enjoyed swimming so much more in the water then I did in Italy. I love the Amalfi coast but this was such an amazing experience. It was the perfect honeymoon – the one you dream of – where there is sun, fun, swimming, sunbathing, excellent food and tons of sites to see – we swam like fishes all over Dubrovnik and in all these amazing water holes – there are water holes with ladders everywhere it is quite amazing. The first few days we stayed in LAPAD which is a bit residential but so lovely with excellent restaurants – walking distance to a marina and a lovely promenande.

We stayed at the most amazing hotels I ever stayed at called the HOTEL MORE – we loved our experience and I would highly recommend to anyone going to Dubrovnik to stay here – it was incredible service, incredible food, incredible swimming !! We loved it !

Our pool which was the perfect temperature.

We went to Croatia mid September and I think this is the time to go – the weather was incredible + we avoided some of the crowds – I assume in the summer it is way to crowded. 

DSC08904Our other pool the ADRIATIC SEA – we could swim right there from the ladder into the sea – so amazing
DSC08911 DSC08914 DSC08915 I bought Scott these glasses they are part of this GI JOE collection – I love I can see myself taking photos of him DSC08918 DSC08919 DSC08920DSC08923 DSC08924 So you can see how our hotel is built – you enter through the 7th floor and it is built all the way down to the sea DSC08925 DSC08927 DSC08941WARNING – there are a ton of sunsets – they are so beautiful there I don’t know which ones to edit so I included them all DSC08964 DSC08965 DSC08966DSC08969 DSC08971DSC08975 DSC08977 DSC08981DSC08985 DSC08988 DSC08992DSC08995 DSC09000 DSC09001 DSC09003DSC09010 DSC09013 Our first cat sighting – there will be many more on this trip DSC09016 DSC09019This restaurnat is excellent you need to make a reservation PANTARUL – so amazing DSC09026 DSC09027 DSC09028 DSC09033 DSC09034 Right at our hotel is a hot spot and a super cool one – it is in a CAVE DSC09039 DSC09044 DSC09046Wearing an old GAP shirt for the RED campaign and Zara pants and Marc Jacobs sunglasses DSC09049DSC09050DSC09051DSC09053DSC09057DSC09058Our beach – so amazing – it is a bit rocky and different then a sand beach but so much better – no sand between your toes DSC09060Rocking my Caravan bag DSC09064The water glistens like this like little stars it glistens
DSC09069DSC09070My ZOYA nailpolish DSC09073DSC09075It rained for a short period and out came a DOUBLE RAINBOW look at this – can you believe our luck seeing a double rainbow – DSC09081DSC09083DSC09084DSC09086DSC09089DSC09090DSC09092DSC09094DSC09095

                                                                       GO HERE TO SEE VIDEO OF RAINBOW

and then the Sunset wowzer ! DSC09096DSC09100DSC09102DSC09104DSC09108DSC09109DSC09110DSC09111DSC09112DSC09114DSC09116DSC09117DSC09118The second night we ate at OTTO –  the food was delicious – Scott loved his meal here – I know I loved their onion soup – it was sweet with carmelized onions almost – very good and I loved the space it was so cool like you were in a brick dome DSC09122DSC09124Scott just chilling most likely playing Catan 
DSC09139DSC09141One of the watering holes we discovered – we went on a little mission to try all the different watering holes we could find – we almost had private beaches at some  – one was more incredible then the next DSC09143DSC09148DSC09154DSC09164DSC09165Wearing an I HEART RONSON from jcpenney – I love this romper DSC09170DSC09172DSC09161DSC09163That night we ate at ATLANTIC KITCHEN -it felt like a little brasserie – great service and great food especially dessert –

was so good !

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