We didn’t get to eat at La Balancoire but it was adorable and it had excellent reviews – I put it here so I can remember for my next trip to one of my favorite cities ! DSC08642 We did it here and it was amazing Le Boclard in Montmartre – amazing – it is a family owned restaurant – I had the crayfish, mash potatoes and just tons of deliciousness – it was one of the best meals I have ever had – so good ! DSC08643 DSC08644 DSC08650 We stayed at Mama Shelter in the 11th – I have stayed here many times – I like this spot and restaurant except they forgot our wakeup call so you might want to use your own alarm or just the one on the television DSC08664DSC08671 DSC08675 DSC08674Street art is always a gem in Paris
DSC08676 I love this name ROSERAIE DSC08677 Another one of my best meals EVER was at FRENCHIE to go holy moly we had the Burrata, the chocolate pot of amaziness, a tart, french fries with ginger mayonaise – I can’t even stress how good this meal was !! Frenchie to Go rules the school ! DSC08679DSC08685DSC08689 DSC08692 DSC08695
DSC08702 DSC08701 DSC08699DSC08697 DSC08704 DSC08705 DSC08707 DSC08708 I love stop hearing here during every trip it is so pretty – I made Scott climb on the highest one 
DSC08744 DSC08743DSC08738 DSC08737 A trip to Paris isn’t complete without a trip to Merci – I loved the Diana Vreeland quotes DSC08736DSC08733 DSC08731Another must when I go to Paris is a stop at MERCI DSC08725 DSC08722 DSC08721I loved this children’s shop near Merci – it was darling – I need a teepee ! DSC08718 DSC08717DSC08712Scott and I were so happy to find our lock we put our lock  back in 2012 – when I returned home I learned about a campaign to stop the locks happening on the bridges because the bridges are not able to withhold the weight – so I don’t encourage others to do this going forward. Our lock is there now on the bridge and do hope that people do start listening and stop adding more locks now that there are all these issues.  They may have to take our lock down in the future because of the weight but for now our lock was there alive and kicking.  I do hope there are no more issues to the beautiful bridges in the future.  We locked our heart a few years ago and wasn’t aware of this issue – they just started this campaign this summer. So they are encouraging tourists to take selfies going forward instead to avoid adding more weight to the bridge – so please do that and you can learn more at – the campign is I guess our lock is there now so that is part of why people would want to take selfies with these walls of locks… In a way it is nice to show our commitment in 2012 and then again when we went back in 2014 but it is sad to see the weight issue – so going forward I do encourage others just to take photos – and hopefully they will ban any more from being put on the bridge in the future. DSC08747The only issue was DELOS & LAURA – whoever they may be on my birthday a few days earlier on September 10th put their lock right on top of ours – we thought there was plenty of room they didn’t have to do that – not to be selfish but there was plenty of other space DSC08753DSC08755DSC08765DSC08774Scott and I wanted to mark the day that we were back and we used a sticker I got at Colette 
DSC08778DSC08786DSC08787DSC08791DSC08793and then we decided to relax under the beautiful trees and enjoy the River Siene
DSC08795DSC08809DSC08818The other bridge has been overtaken with locks so that is the issue – I can see why now looking back why there are so many issues – so if you are going to Paris – just take a selfie on these bridges of love
DSC08820DSC08826Les Makabes was amazing to see !!! What an amazing band DSC08831DSC08832DSC08846DSC08847DSC08848DSC08850We stopped at a new place called SOUL FOOD in Montmartre-  that night – a little cafe – they don’t have dinner but have brillant ice tea and snacks and I believe they serve lunch – they had a fun game that we played – QUESTIONS !! DSC08853DSC08857DSC08859
We then ate at ATELIER RAMEY – bistrot Parisien – Cuisine de Nicholas Boissiere – that was amazing in MontmatreDSC08867DSC08881street art everywhere in Montmartre
DSC08888Some of the chalk art at our hotel at Mama Shelter in Paris DSC08894DSC08895DSC08900

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