We had our reception at ATRIA which was an excellent choice I think – Greer who organized everything and is an owner there is amazing – she is so laid back and she did everything she promised.  We had an excellent night. You get the lawn and gazebo to yourself so it is really nice and private.  When guests walked in we had an accordian player playing French music since we are big fans of Paris.  And they were able to have some WATERMELON coolers. The food at ATRIA is delicious – the wine list and beer choices are perfect and the staff is extrordinary – we  were very happy with our decision of picking ATRIA for our wedding. accordian player dude

My mother – in -law’s friend Joan made this book all about CROATIA for us as a gift – it was all hand drawn and really beautiful – For the special couple as they begin their life of adventure – I like the sound of that !

tim book 2tim book 4tim book
Watermelon cocktails  
tim cocktailsOur table displays from ETSY 
tim display 2tim displays 4tim displaysOur banner and dreamcatcher from ETSY tim dreamcatchertim elephantsThe food was delicious – thank you ATRIA tim food 3tim food 5tim giraffeetim krause signOur guest book was a map of MA – with a focus on Martha’s Vineyard – guests signed the edges – found on ETSY tim maptim menuOur little welcoming tags found on ETSY tim mr and mrsOur party basket with horns and clappers ! tim party basketThe swing at ATRIA tim swin gtim swing 2tim tenttim the displaystim roomFor our favors we did lucky elephants – they were found online and every couple was able to take one home with them. They are supposed to bring prosperity, good luck, love and more.  We thought since our guests wished us good luck time for us to wish them good luck back. elephantsThe LOVE CLOCHE I found in Massachusetts at this place I love there called the CROMPTON COLLECTIVE that place and SEED TO SEED are my favorite places my sister in law told me about in WORCESTER – so great ! This little set the plate, the cloche, the bottles and FEATHERS was only $20 and made a great centerpiece.  My candles and little animals were all from ETSY that I found.  I wish that I had the succlents put in locally perhaps because they were a little messed up on delivery. Also I had to run before the wedding and get taller candles – the little tealight candles would never have listed the whole night and that was important to me to have this candle ambiance the whole night.
floral displays 2jordan dancing jordo and me 2Our cake was from VAL CAKES and we wanted something fun and not so serious. I am a sprinkle addict and originally we were thinking of ordering from MOMOFUKU but then we wanted to keep everything local so we went with VAL’s CAKE. She was so nice she looked at a photo off pinterest and made the cake exact – I found the cake topper for $2.50 at a party supply store – it was a little decadent but the actual couple looked like us a bit at least with the darker hair – a lot of cake toppers have blondes sometimes – this couple on the cake top looked like they just had been to a ball and had smiles and we thought it was sweet. The inside of the cake was red velvet and butter cream and we still have the top of the cake to celebrate our year anniversay next year – can’t wait to have more of this delicious cake. me and scott cake cutting 2 me and scott cake cutting 3I had a custom made DREAM CATCHER made and a banner with KRAUSE on it for the big tree. The ground when you walk in have a big tree with a swing and several tables which is really nice and you walk into the gazebo that was very spacious. me and scott with banner menu We asked all our guests to bring a joke with them – we thought after the music it would be good to have jokes because we couldn’t keep the music too loud because of the noise situations. mom and anthony 2Our cake was by VAL CAKES – I found this online on PINTEREST with the sprinkles since I love Sprinkles and told Scott our wedding cake should be fun ! We did this cake with red velvet and buttercream and it was incredible !!
tim caketim cake 2
I found vintage animals on line on ETSY to keep with the motif – ISLAND AMBIANCE helped me put them around the space on the tables outside. other little creatures 2 other little creaturesour horns The clams, shrimps and oysters were super important since MV is known for its oysters. tim pic 14 tim pic 15tim pic 19 tim pic 20 tim pic 21 A special part of the night was when my godmother and her husband, my cousin Danny performed to L A VIE EN ROSE, one my grandmother’s favorite songs and did the Tango the dance of LOVE

the tango

us with banner GE DIGITAL CAMERA
I made up this saying for the horns & clappers ! 


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