LOLA’s in MARTHA’S VINEYARD – OAK BLUFFS with Back Door Donuts and Mad Martha’s ice cream

Lola’s in Oak Bluffs is the place we chose to have our welcoming dinner.  Kathy of Lola’s was super organized and it was super easy to work with her – Of course I was nervous but she really did everything she said she would do.  It was a great place to have this kind of event since we had a large area to ourselves for two hours and then those that wanted to dance could do that – the dj was pretty fun ! On the menu we had everything from clams to mussels to calamari and for the main course lobster rolls since Martha’s Vineyard is known for their lobster rolls ! For dessert, we put a special request in since we are dessert fanatics for BACK DOOR DONUTS + MAD MARTHA’s ICE CREAM. We picked this weekend in Martha’s Vineyard since it is the weekend that MV celebrates with illumination of the gingerbread houses in Oak Bluffs, fireworks and a county fair.  At a little after 9pm we did have fireworks – we had to go out of the parking lot to see them which wasn’t the best spot but the fireworks were grand and we really did get to see them – I captured a few photos.  Lastly, I loved the idea of VINEYARD SOUND – I met Ethan who is the manager of VINEYARD SOUND in NYC when they performed at a church locally with their alumni – such a great group of talented men.  Vineyard Sound walks around sometimes on the streets of MV and you can catch them singing a tune. Our guests were able to experience a few songs by the VINEYARD SOUND and they even suprised me with a song that sounded like something out of GAME OF THRONES -it was so funny !

I wish I captured more photos of LOLA’s because the space is super cute – it feels a bit like a farmhouse or barn and then it is just really festive inside with a large bar and really nice seating.


backdoor donut 2 donut love
me, my dad and my nephew – I think we look similiar ! dad and jordan
FIREWORKS ! JUST FOR US ! fireworks from me 2 fireworks from me 3 fireworks from me 4 fireworks from me 5 fireworks from me 7 fireworks from me nephew fireworkMe & Scott and my godmother, Rosanne. It is amazing to have a godmother who is so wonderful. godmomMe, my brother and my nephew Josh me and my brother Everyone having fun hopefully ! GE DIGITAL CAMERA Me and my mom – a lot of people wore blue and we didn’t even plan that so funny ! my mommy
Vineyard Sound vineyard sound 3 vineyard sound 7 vineyard sound cool GE DIGITAL CAMERA

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