I knew I wanted to incorporate feathers into the wedding and found these really lovely pins on POMP AND PLUMAGE – I had some special requests with colors etc and they did everything as they said they would – they were delivered in a kraft box and were really lovely.

tim pic 16close up of dadsDSC07761DSC07757
I did welcoming bags for the guests with these netted bags that I found on ETSY that seemed to come in handy and I filled them with POP CHIPS, JUSTIN’s CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS and more.  I also had fans made that explained the plans for the weekend and some local tips.

FROM ETSY I FOUND PAPEL – who custom made our fans that went in the welcome bags ! She was so easy to work with – I highly recommend ! 
DSC00265DSC00267tim signI was able to get a file made on ETSY where they emailed it to me, I had it color copied and then Scott worked with me to make holes in our leftover dog food cans and we made them into cans for our bus ! DSC07769DSC07774 DSC07775 DSC07776 DSC07777 DSC07779tim pic 13Our table displays were from ETSY – from – we came up with a group of what we wanted to do plus she helped with candles as well – I think it turned out ok except the succlents looked not as vibrant as I wished and I had a lot of stress with getting the order on time.  The order didn’t arrive until the day of my wedding so I was calling florists and stressing so make sure if you order that it is understood how to ship. I paid a lot for shipping I thought and had a ton of stress. I do like my little animals because I wanted the tables not to be so serious and a bit whimiscal.

tim the displaystim giraffeetim displaystim display 2Our dreamcatcher and KRAUSE sign was also from ETSY –
tim pic 19tim krause signAnd Nina’s sign SCOTT Here Comes Your Bride was from ETSY as well.

ETSY combined with pinterest was a great way to plan this wedding.

tim nina 2

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