Scott & I stayed at the Beach Plum Inn which was a lovely experience.  We stayed here for the first few nights and then moved to the Hanover Inn.  I was thinking about having the reception at the Beach Plum Inn originally which would have been really nice – the food is delicious and I love the farm to table concept.   The chef, Chris Fischer put together an amazing menu.

The grounds are beautiful you can walk to the beach and we stayed in a little cottage house that was a great size.

I especially loved our dinner and our morning breakfasts. In the morning if you like eggs you won’t dig that they don’t offer a full breakfast but if you are ok with delicious fresh made jam and incredibly delicious bread along with this granola flake mix that had olive oil on it then and some fresh fruit – you will be very happy. I also had fresh watermelon juice one day.

We had dinner there the first night and it was really delicious and such a nice atmosphere sitting outside and watching the lighthouse we were going to get married at – light go around and around in the distance.  A bit Great Gatsby !


This is an incredible property for a wedding – they do weddings I think down at that open wood area with the oven right there and the opportunity to use their lawns which is fantastic.  I love the communal tables and the whole decor of the space too.

me and scott on swingon the swingDSC07888 DSC07892 DSC07900 DSC07902 DSC07903 DSC07908 DSC07910 DSC07911 DSC07915 DSC07917 DSC07920DSC07923 DSC08199 DSC08200 DSC08201DSC08204 DSC08208 DSC08210 DSC08211 DSC08212DSC08214 DSC08215DSC08217 DSC08218

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