What an experience ! Originally we wanted to plan a glamping trip that turned into a camping trip that turned into a hoe down.  It was really a wonderful experience. I am not going to say that I joined the vegan way just because I went to a farm but it really opened my eyes not only to living a more “humane” life but also just a healthier life.  First if you have time a visit to the Farm Sanctuary is just beautiful – it is well kept and the animals are so happy to see you – especially the sheep and goats – they love you !  We started with some information about the animals on the farms and their stories. We got to meet the mastermind behind all of this Gene Baur – the co – founder of Farm Sanctuary.  It is so interesting – he was selling vegan  hotdogs out of a VW van at Grateful Dead concerts to fund farm animal rescues- it just shows if you have an idea and passion you can do anything. Also Gene is obviously a vegan and totally fit and runs marathons on a plant based diet – it is just being smart about how you get your energy from the food you eat. In 2012, Gene started competing in marathons and triathlons to demonstrate how plant foods can fuel athletic performance. DSC07295 On our way there we did stop at this lovely family run hidden spot – Wheels Roadhouse Cafe – they have a 50’s night, real dirtbikes inside and really fun murals – the owners are so sweet – so it is worth popping in here for a coffee instead of Starbucks just for the spirit and the ambiance.  I didn’t eat that much but the food did look good and the service was so fast ! DSC07140 DSC07141 DSC07142 Upon arrival at the Farm Sanctuary I saw that they were showcasing one of my favorites

SO DELICIOUS DAIRY FREE ICE CREAM !! DSC07145 Pigs rolling around in mud it is true ! DSC07148 DSC07160 DSC07162 DSC07165 Scott loved this little guy I think it reminded him of Noel DSC07168DSC07181 DSC07183 DSC07189 DSC07191DSC07200Yes my little sheep friend tried to go between my legs !DSC07204DSC07206DSC07208 DSC07211 A little obstacle coarse for agility for these guys – they are thinking can I jump and do it ! DSC07213 DSC07214 And he went for it !! DSC07215 DSC07216 DSC07217DSC07219 DSC07220 DSC07221 A little friend just getting some shade under the umbrella ! DSC07222DSC07229 DSC07232 DSC07233Meet my friend Ari – so so sweet ! DSC07245 DSC07248 DSC07251 DSC07254DSC07263DSC07265I loved hearing about Doron Petersan and STINKY FINGERS based in DC.  She has an amazing story and her brownies were out of control ! She has appeared on Cupcake Wars + was a two time winner and has written a recipe book. She needs to bring STINKY FINGERS to NYC! DSC07270This was one of her desserts as well – I have to say I ate two ! DSC07321

In between everything we went hiking at Watkins Glen State Park – it is also where we camped – it is incredible – my friend Jerritt originally told me about it ! DSC07273 DSC07276 DSC07278 DSC07282DSC07288DSC07398ok we went back to dinner that night and hoe down time 

DSC07355They had a lovely campfire too
DSC07380DSC07385One of the highlights for me was Scott Jurek – he is a vegan plus an ultra maranthoner- he has completed 153 mile Spartathlon, the Hardrock 100, and 100 mile Endurance Run – he went through some amazingly helpful slides and showed that you can have endurance even if you are just on a plant based diet – FOOD AS FUEL – I scooped his book right up and will soon post some of the supplements and things I have learned about from his book & slides. DSC07401And then there was Miyoko Schinner – first she is hysterically entertaining and talented she made incredible cheese – mozzarella + fondue and it was awesome – we bought her book and so excited to try some of her recipes + buy her cheeses online that she soon will be selling.  DSC07420
Thanks Gene Bauer, Susie Coston and everyone that made this weekend so special 

So what’s next ?  What will I do – right now I am eating fish, veggies, grains, and lots of fruits. Eventually I might give up fish but I am keeping it in my diet right now. But I think I have said goodbye to bacon and trying to stay away from dairy.  I do drink only coconut or almond milk so the milk will be easy but pizza I think still might call me and ice cream with milk every once in a while BUT I am loving SoDelicious ice cream and can’t wait to make some of Miyoko’s cheese receipes.  In regards to eggs, right now I am trying to avoid them but when I have to have them trying to look for more humane options – where they take care of the chickens – not just say the magic words of being cage free but actually take care of them by giving them enough space and food and keep their living spaces clean etc.  Eventually I might be able to deduct more from my diet but right now I am taking small steps. 

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