This weekend I explored Massachusetts where Scott is from and got to visit this store that was incredible called SEED TO STEM. It was such an amazing store.  I really loved everything. It was such an uplifting little experience with all these little gems and curios to look at – it is a store of  wonder. I purchased an air plant that had crystals in within a test tube bottle and I asked to have some feathers added and they did just that – it is so lovely. Follow them on instagram you will see a world of wonder for sure and visit their website http://www.seedtostembotanicals.com


DSC06983 DSC06984 DSC06985 DSC06989 DSC06990 DSC06994 DSC06991 DSC06995 DSC06997DSC06984DSC06989DSC06998DSC07003DSC07004DSC07005

Then we went kayaking that was so much fun on this beautiful lake in Massachusetts.


Of course we had to try the ice cream that was amazingly delicious at Good 2 Go where we rented our dual kayak – I had BIRTHDAY CAKE – it was amazing with birthday cake mixed with sprinkles – holy moly – I took a week off of sugar and this was worth the wait ! Good 2 Go Cafe & Creamery is the lighter side of Red Rock. This is where you also rent the kayaks and fun idea ice cream & kayak or lunch & kayak.


 A place I visited before that I adore is CROMPTON COLLECTIVE – they have so many amazing finds within the store from dreamcatchers to jewelry and Scott found the most interesting map of Paris –  he and I loved it that we got it for the apartment. It is really special. I also found an interesting centerpiece for one of the tables for the wedding.  It was a quick visit but it was so great !! I have to visit that place every time I go to Massachusetts to support local entrepreneurs.  I think it is a brilliant place and has some great energy.

What is Crompton Collective? 

Crompton Collective is a curated boutique marketplace located in a historic Worcester building. It is designed to celebrate  local independent makers and love of old things.

DSC07088DSC07089DSC07093DSC07094DSC07096DSC07097DSC07098DSC07099DSC07100DSC07101DSC07102DSC07103DSC07104Our new map of Paris – I love it – I can’t wait to visit Paris before we go to Croatia for our honeymoon! DSC07105DSC07106DSC07107DSC07108DSC07109My wedding centerpiece – I am in love with feathers right now and think this is such an interesting piece – I really LOVE it!  It is just very imaginative and romantic. 

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